The dark rituals of the bands Belphegor and Batushky heated the Futurum club. Circumstances in spite of

“Black rituals”. This is the name of the tour, which is dominated by two resounding names in European metal, Belphegor and Batushka. They were accompanied by three promising associations from all over the world, and it was a very successful intense evening, which did not cancel even the newly established state of emergency.

Live: Batushka, Belphegor, Diabolical, Impalement, Almost Dead

place: Future Music Bar, Praha
date: November 26, 2021
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This time the organizers from Obscure Promotion did not have it easy at all. It took a while before a final decision was made that the Belphegor and Batushka concert would actually take place, and then the government, like a time bomb, detonated the state of emergency and stopwatch to the music clubs after twenty-two o’clock. But they were not afraid, they reacted quickly, they moved the whole extensive line-up and lo and behold, the gates of hell could open. And then everything went smoothly. I didn’t make it to the first of the supports, the Almost Dead thrasher, but it was said to be nice. Maybe next time. The energetic set of the second in order, the debuting Swiss Impalement, was in the spirit of rather spin-cut black / death metal, which was successfully clarified by harmonics, until ironmaidenovské guitar wins. The performance gradually gained momentum and the band itself gradually seemed to flourish. The last song, which worked better with the overall dynamics (it was no longer just a straight cylinder), then convinced quite a bit. We still have great potential here.

© Tom Jajo Rozkovec /

At Diabolical, it was already clear from the preparations that the volume would not be spared here. And reality confirmed it. For a long time (let alone, there weren’t that many of those events) I haven’t been to a concert that’s so physical. The bones are still vibrating. But the sound power and intensity were not self-serving. The impression of a steaming locomotive suited the death / doom material of these Swedes perfectly. Excellent, dense bass, juicy growl, precisely measured riffs – these were the basic ingredients of their performance. Too bad only the pure vocals, which was unfortunately somewhat out of intonation.

Belphegor - Futurum Music Bar, Praha, 26.11.2021
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I have a contradictory relationship with Belphegor. I’ve seen them on stage three times (once in Futur, twice at the festival), and we haven’t sat down once. Nevertheless, their hellish theater, which, of course, took place this time as well, is something that will not be completely bored. Once again, the stage was full of all sorts of props, again a goat’s skull and fires in stands, again there were big gestures and a theatrically rehearsed show, where every movement has its place. But this time everything fell into place. And wonder of the world, even frontman Helmuth himself left his role from time to time hellish creatures, and even smiling. Perhaps it was this close connection with the audience and the obvious enthusiasm that came from the band that managed to overcome the mutual barrier. Musically, everything was also in place: coarse-grained, sometimes chaotic and disharmonious dead / black, which does not compromise. Great.

Batushka - Futurum Music Bar, Praha, 26.11.2021
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The connection between Belphegor and Batushka is unconventional. The Polish association, disguised in Kutna and covering its concerts in the form of an Orthodox mass, looks smooth alongside the Salzburg infernals. The whole extensive concert line was named “Black Rituals” and Batushka filled it perfectly. But a ritual, however black metal and sophisticatedly playing with religion (more than many other black formations that can hejt and a few theatrical props for that), he needs a certain attunement and respect from the newcomers as well. Unfortunately, there was quite a lot in Futur on Friday, with forgiveness, jerkswho somehow didn’t understand what the musicians were trying to do on stage. Shouts in the quiet passages, cell phones overhead, a couple who ostentatiously focused on themselves and their own themes and not what’s happening on stage,… A little respect, people! Even so, the mixture of sharpened black metal with choral passages sung in ecclesiastical Slavic, wrapped in the form of a precisely lined ceremony, was extremely impressive. Also great, but in a different way. The dot (profaned word, just the truth) behind the metal concert season? Maybe yes, maybe something else will happen. The organizers pay tribute for courage, bands for performances. Hopefully it will be back soon.