the day she refused to marry Frank Sinatra

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Like her great friend Sophia Loren (86 years old), the tragic birth of Raffaella Carrà -deceased at the age of 78- was marked by the bombs of World War II, hunger, the emotional lack of a father and the first lire earned starring photo romance. On those pillars on which Italian neorealism was based, that dark-haired girl who reached immortality dyed blonde, it was predestined to succeed.

She was a child prodigy. And I study. She studied to train as an actress at a school in front of the famous Cinecittà studios where they had filmed Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn, Humphrey Bogart, Charlton Heston O Ava Gardner. When Mario Monicelli called her to shoot with his ‘brother’ Marcello Mastroianni and Annie Girardot in the film Comrades (1964), the hungry Hollywood producers saw in Raffaella the woman they needed to refresh a star system it was collapsing. Neither more nor less than the 20th Century Fox put on the table a juicy contract as part of the gear of that sanctum of celluloid. His debut was not going to go unnoticed. Your co-star would be Frank Sinatra.

At that time, the unforgettable singer of New York, New York he was one of the most coveted bachelors after his turbulent marriage to Ava Gardner, who had been unfaithful to him with Luis Miguel Dominguín and Mario Cabré, among others. Sinatra was a pathological jealous man who loved beauty and as soon as his blue eyes rested on the virginal beauty of Carrà It didn’t take long for the sparks to short-circuit.

Raffaella Carrà during the filming of ‘Los camaradas’.


Sinatra began to flatter her, I sent her red roses every dayHe wrote her nice notes, told her anecdotes from the most glamorous era of cinema, they were going to dinner… but he still hadn’t managed to take her to bed. Raffaella was very young, but not delusional. He knew the artist’s intentions, the broken hearts he had left behind and was lazy.

The shortcomings of childhood had turned her into a woman of arms to take. During the filming of Colonel Von Ryan (1965), Sinatra was so maddened by her that after telling her nine times “I love you” (this would be recalled years later by the show-woman), knelt down, opened a case, and the flashes of a Stunning Priceless Diamond they left the Italian speechless who with firm determination answered him with a resounding “No”. That attack on the Italian-American virility of the singer and actor left him devastated. No one had ever surrendered to her charms before.

Frank Sinatra and actress Ava Gardner.


As reflected in his famous songs from the seventies, most of them composed by his first partner, Sergio Boncompagni, who died in 2017 at the age of 84, Raffaella was a woman ahead of her time, she did not want ties, she loved freedom and was clear that she did not want to commit. During filming, Raffaella shared a cute apartment with Mia Farrow, who was shooting in the adjoining studio Devil’s cauldron, with the heartthrob of the time Ryan O’Neal. The daughter of Maureen O’Sullivan (Tarzan’s Jane) and director John Farrow had always saved her little treasure for when she met someone worthy of the forbidden fruit.

Mia was eager to lose her virginity and she succeeded with Sinatra, who eventually married her in 1966. The difference in age, he was 48 and she was 19, was the talk of the pink press of the moment as well as the comments made by some of the couple’s intimates, such as Ava Gardner, who said “I always knew that Frank would end up with a boy” (the young interpreter was very thin, with hardly any chest and with garçon hair) and Dean Martin did not think of anything other than “Frank has whiskeys older than Mia.” What was predestined came to pass. After two years they were already divorced. Later, Mia married the conductor André Previn and later she was the traumatic couple of Woody Allen (85).

After that first surreal experience and after attending different parties, Carrà was convinced that this was not for her. Drugs, alcohol and sex were consumed at all hours. Above all, she prioritized physical and mental balance, he was very careful about his diet, he exercised and was consistent with his sleep hours. He packed his bags and went back to Italy. There the myth was born.

The Italian singer during a performance in Rome.

The Italian singer during a performance in Rome.


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