the family tragedy of Robert Plant

Led Zeppelin singer Robert Plant experienced one of life’s worst pains: the death of his son.

Led Zeppelin, the band formed by John Paul Jones, Jimmy Page, John Bonham and Robert Plant, lived 12 years full of good rock, excesses, achievements, scandals, rumors and tragedies; In this last area, several situations arose, which some people attributed to a possible pact with the devil, to Page’s fondness for the esoteric and Satanism, among other rumors.

The detail is that the band went through several tragic and painful moments that marked them as a group and as people, one of these events is the strange death of Robert Plant’s little son.

In 1977, after having suffered a break from live performances due to a very serious car accident suffered by Robert and his family, Led Zeppelin was about to resume its live performances, starting in the United States.

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Given this, on July 26 of the year mentioned, the band and its staff were in New Orleans when suddenly Robert Plant He received a call from his wife Maureen, who told him that Karac, their son, was in very serious health and the doctors did not know what the reason was.

Two hours later, a second call shocked the lead singer of Led Zeppelin: the 5-year-old had passed away.

This led the group to cancel the rest of the tour and the “Golden God” was never the same again.

During the autopsy it was determined that the small Karac He died of natural causes, due to an unidentified acute stomach infection.

In fact, a week before, Carmen, Robert Plant’s other daughter, had suffered from acute gastroenteritis, which could be controlled. Apparently he had been afflicted with the same virus that led to Karac’s death.

The blow for Robert Plant was (logically) devastating, but it also had a full impact on Led Zeppelin’s internal dynamics, not only in terms of the break from activities, but also in terms of the relationship of the band members, due to a Quite striking detail: the only member of the group who attended Karac’s funeral was John Bonham, the other 2 members, John Paul Jones and Jimmy Page, did not come to support their disgraced partner, a fact that did not sit well with Robert.

From this painful fact emerged one of the best songs of Led Zeppelin: “All my love”, subject in which Plant transmits the deep love for his deceased son.