The great mysteries of rock: 12 of curiosities about John Lennon. Part 2.

Did you know that John Lennon was the cause that The Beatles stopped performing live, due to an inaccurate comment about the unstoppable fame that the group was beginning to possess and Christian devotion, or that Lennon’s mother would be the one who would drive him to form your first band, thanks to a valuable gift? If you want to find out about this and much more, stay here.

7.- Lennon’s complicated family life

John Lennon’s family life was quite difficult in his childhood, as he did not live with his father for 16 years, since his parents had separated when he was just 4 years old. His father left to travel the world as a merchant marine, and it was not until 1964 that they met again. After the separation, Lennon’s mother took her son to live with his aunt, and years later she returned to live with John, but unfortunately, his mother died after being run over.

As an extra curious fact, it was his mother who bought John his first guitar, due to the musical influence of the time, which prompted Lennon to form his first group, known as The Quarrymen.

8.- The Quarrymen, John’s musical beginning

The name of John’s first band, The Quarrymen, is in reference to the school where they studied: Quarry Bank High School. Some time after its foundation, Lennon would invite Paul McCartney to join the group, and later George Harrison would follow him, and years later Ringo Starr, although they were not yet named as The Beatles, since before they went by various names, such as ” Johnny and the Moondogs “or” Long John and the Silver Beetles “, making it clear that John was the one who served as the leader of the band.

Once the worldwide recognized training was completed, they would release the song “Love me do”, which was their first single in 1962.

9.- Lennon wrote

John Lennon published two books during his time with The Beatles. His artistic gifts were not only limited to the musical area, as his interest in literature led him to publish two books entitled “Por su own tale” from 1964 and “A Spanish boy in works” from 1965.

Both books present a collection of Lennon’s poems, stories and short stories, accompanied by a strong dose of surrealism, inherent in John’s artistic personality, as great songs such as “Lucy in the sky with diamond” and “I am the walrus ”present a somewhat dreamlike and psychedelic atmosphere.

10.- John Lennon did not believe in The Beatles.

As you read it, John Lennon did not believe in The Beatles, or at least that is what he affirms in his song “God”, which is part of his solo album “Plastic Ono Band” from 1970. In the lyrics of the song we can find a list of people and concepts in which he does not believe, such as Yoga, magic, the Tarot, Jesus, Kennedy, Buddha, the Mantra, Gita, the Bible, Hitler, the kings, Elvis, or The Beatles. Later, Lennon sings: “I only believe in me, in Yoko and in me, and that is the reality.”

The appearance of Hitler in John’s list is curious, since the previous characters were respected and loved by a large number of people, as well as the concepts, where certain communities pay tribute to them.

As a bonus, his former partner with The Beatles plays the drums on this issue, dealing with nothing more and nothing less than Ringo Starr himself.

11.- In addition to being a musician and writer, he was also an actor

Lennon participated as an actor in a movie in Spain. In 1966, John traveled to Almería to get involved as an actor in the movie “How I won the war”, a comedy directed by Richard Lester, set in World War II.

As an extra fun fact, Richard Lester was the one who directed The Beatles films “A Hard Day’s Night” from 1964 and “Help” from 1965.

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12.- More popular than Jesus Christ

In a 1966 interview, John Lennon claimed that The Beatles were more popular than Jesus. The controversial comment was based on the fact that Christianity was in decline and that The Beatles had become more popular than Jesus Christ. The comment did not cause a stir when it was first published in March, but for up to five months later, causing religious groups to erupt in anger after its spread in the United States, when the teen magazine Datebook quoted Lennon’s comment in August. .

As a consequence, The Beatles’ records were stopped playing on radio stations, and were publicly burned. In addition, the band received strong threats, causing the cancellation of various press conferences, and committing to one last tour in the United States, before becoming fully a studio band, leaving the stage stage behind.

At this stage, it is when we can observe a more mature and experimental facet of the “quartet”, since the extra time in the studio caused a greater dedication both in the composition, and in the recording and mixing of the albums.

What do you think of these curious facts? I’d like to read your opinion in the comments. By the way, if you are fascinated by rock, I would like to share with you the new Beatles cover of the song “Something”. I hope you enjoy. My name is Jimmy Bets and I remind you to keep rocking!

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