the live album that freezes the best moments of live music

Venus, face of the new Italian songwriter, announces the live album Magica Musica Tour 2021.

The album was released on Friday 17th December in vinyl and digital editions, and is already available for preorder.

The disc collects the songs in the arrangement that Venus presented during the tour of the summer 2021. The Milanese artist has in fact performed in the main cities and in some of the most important Italian festivals.
The choice of songs to be included in the collection comes from a careful selection of the best live version of each piece, identified among the recordings of over 30 tour dates.

The songs draw from Magical Music, the first official album by Venus, released last February, but there are also some songs from the EPs Love Anthem (including the gold record Love Anthem, No. 1) e At what point is the night.
Finally two complete the live album Jam unpublished, exclusive to Magica Musica Tour 2021.

Magica Musica Tour 2021 – Photo by Marianna Fornaro

Per Venus it is not a simple transposition of a record from the studio to the stage. This album is instead a truly unique experiment in which the original songs have been transformed and evolved.
The intent is to try to stop in time something completely free such as live music to give the listener the testimony of the existence of other worlds and angles of thought, in perfect line with the imagery of the album and of the ‘artist.

On the day of the release, Friday 17 December, the Asian Fake label will open the doors of its headquarters for a special event: an Inside Store, which will allow Venerus fans to meet him and get copies of “Magica Musica Tour 2021” signed. The event sold out within 24 hours of the announcement.


DISC 1 – Side A:
Maybe he still sleeps
You are water
DISC 1 – Side B:
Untitled (Jam 1 – Bologna)
Elsewhere / It was Venerus

DISC 2 – Side A:
Only where you go
Out, out, out …
Untitled (Jam 2 – Bologna)
DISC 2 – Side B:
Love Anthem, No. 1