The second day of the Color Meeting festival was also full of musical colors

The first day of this year’s Color Meeting festival in Polička placed the imaginary bar in a position that is difficult to overcome. However, Saturday also brought a series of concerts to the park under the historic walls, which jumped from country through Middle Eastern music to dance Latin.

The somewhat ungrateful role of the first band on Saturday afternoon fell on the alternative country band Dingo. Definitely non-weavers, the genre is modern and adds balalaika and, more recently, keyboards to the usual instrumentation. It sounds great on their album debut, unfortunately they had to fight a bit for attention in Polička, the whole set lacked a bit of a swing. It was no wonder in the heat and in the half-empty area.

© Jiří V. Matýsek /

After the reconstruction, the project The Wild Animals of the Horse was presented on the main stage (the stage in the tent for the time being), in which the singer Monika Načeva undertook the texts of banned pre-revolutionary poets. A strong and very civil performance rightly attracted a lot of spectators, but it might deserve a little more intimate space. For example, the tent that immediately belonged to the Estonian duo Duo Root. A pair of young ladies took the local folklore in their own way. The whole project is based only on their interplay – whether vocal or playing the zither on a raised table. The result is unique, warm and real and the long applause was a well-deserved reward, of course. Basically, the same could be said of Brighde Chaimbeul, a young bagpipe player from the Isle of Skye, who performed at the same venue later that evening. This was basically folklore, but with a unique hypnotic character. On the wings of repetitive motifs of bagpipes and violins, it easily flew to other dimensions. But back to the chronological sequence. The Hungarian Decolonize Your Mind Society arrived with complex music (in a good way). Paradoxically, the masked six announced in the program arrived only at five and without masks, but still performed a perfectly concentrated performance in a special area spread between jazz and psychedelia. There were stunning and intoxicating moments, moments when energy swept away and from the silence jumped into a powerful noise. But in the middle of it all, a lot of tuning and tuning of instruments (Hungarian bunch of using unusual tunings), and the set somewhat fell chain. The first evening slot was occupied by the group Květy. Twenty years on the scene of this now stagnant quality of domestic alternative music did not detract in any way (after all, the last album “Květy květiny” is an obvious proof of that). This was also a concert full of cordiality, but also humor and joy of playing, and definitely one of those that managed to rank among the top of what was seen in Polička this year.

Colour Meeting, Polička, 23. - 24. 7. 2021 - Cacao Mental
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The set of Israeli-Iranian singer Liraz had (unintentionally) a humorous overture in the form of a sound check, which was fully directed by an emotional sound engineer and his strong gestures, which sometimes turned into a humorous etude. There was not much room for insight into the humor in Liraz’s performance. The ecstatic joy of music and dance, which managed to pull a large part of the audience under the stage, was mixed with the importance of the message about the lack of freedom of people (and especially women) in Iran. Music with an overlap, but not forcibly emphasized. This is what it should look like. The last concert I gave was Cacao Mental. The impressive show, in which only faces with fluorescent masks flickered across the dimly lit stage, was magical at first, but it looked around and listened to quite quickly. The swinging Latin smeared with a dense beat was thus a non-offensive backdrop to leaving the premises. The dramaturgy of Color Meeting is able to combine seemingly incompatible genres and styles into a colorful whole with a light hand. He does not encourage his loyal viewers, he does not try to entice them to big poster names. On the contrary – he presents a color palette in front of him and leaves the choice to him. And it does well.