the song “Easy Life” reminds me of the choice I made

Easy life marks the return of the Roman singer-songwriter Soon on the musical scenes. The piece, available from January 5, 2022, is an invitation to remember to live a life that is not easy, but full.

The song has a very specific message: to abandon all stereotypes and the myth of hyperproductivity, to recover and enjoy your time. This message is enclosed in a verse of the text: “I should, I could, I would like, but, if anything, you know that they are just synonyms of NEVER“. It is a personal message that the artist sends to the listener, but also to himself.

In presenting Easy life, Soon he claims: “The life of the musician is difficult, today more than ever, yet I feel very lucky to be able to let off steam in music and to find strength in her in difficult moments; music makes you understand something about yourself, because they are thoughts aloud, and if you are lucky it also provides you with a vague form of orientation: in this sense I see that with it my life is easier, and in any case it would certainly be a lot without it. harder!“.

And he adds: “The title VITA FACILE serves to remind me of the choice I made, of which I am still very proud. It’s not the easy life we’re used to thinking about, that of movies, but from a certain point of view it’s even better, because at least it’s not a movie, it’s real!“.

Mox, the new unpublished album is coming

Soon concludes by revealing an anticipation: “The concept is also taken up in the photographic work of Ilaria Magliocchetti Lombi where the covers of the singles, bright and glossy, are “unmasked” by the cover of the EP, out in February 2022, which reveals the entire photographic set, the truth that ‘is always behind and that no one ever sees“.

Easy life anticipates the new album of unreleased Soon, of which it is the title track. The release of the EP is scheduled for February 2022. This record work follows the debut album Imagine love, published on 7 December 2018; to collaborations with other artists, including Brava with Dimartino, As long as the sky exists with Lightning, Mara con i Canova; and the vinyl collection The air, the sky, the overcast, the clear, left on 29 August 2020.


Photo by Ilaria Magliocchetti Lombi