the song “Let’s talk about love” is an invitation to dialogue

Five artists who are part of the wall of All Together Now, come together and give life to a new musical project. The result is the new single from Genise, Let’s talk about love, on the radio since December 31, 2021 and in store digital from the next day. There release was anticipated by the publication of the video on the day of Christmas.

The Five or, as they like to call themselves playing “The HUNZI’S boys” since they all come from the musical game of Channel 5 conducted by Michelle Hunziker, they decided to try to play singing but putting their soul into it. Besides Genise, the other artists are Andrea Cardillo, Leonardo Monteiro, Sabba e Timothy Cavicchini.

Let’s talk about love in the words of genise

About the song, Genise tells: “In the last 2 years many things have happened to all of us but looking around, I realized that many people have stopped talking about love, talking about us, talking about life and trust which is what invites us to do the lyrics. IT’S STOPPED TALKING, many couples or people have closed in on themselves, I want in 2022 to wish the return to anyone of these fundamental aspects of the human being and I wanted to involve my fellow adventurers in the wall of All Together Now since we in the midst of the pandemic we were lucky, as small and big dreamers we could talk about all this freely“.

The artist then reveals how the song was born: “We were in the same dressing room together, I heard their stories, with Timothy we spent evenings in my room telling each other… it’s nice to see the light in the eyes of all the participants in this feat who have their dreams. I strongly wanted to launch this song because it reflects the facets of every person who sees and hears it. We jokingly called ourselves “The Hunzi’s Boys” and laughing at this I started this project. I am proud to have involved the 5 most beautiful male voices of the All Together Now wall“.

The project combines five different voices for a single message

The same enthusiasm as Genise it is also present in the other members of the group. Andrea Cardillo dice: “All 5 of us come from the ALL TOGETHER NOW wall, the walls usually divide, in this case it brought us together in a nice musical project… make yourself comfortable, it’s just the beginning!“.

Leonardo Monteiro declares: “This project was born from the idea of ​​uniting five different amateurs and professionals in order to blend in harmony between the notes, a beautiful song that speaks of hope and love. For me, personally, it was an honor to sing with all these different and unique voices“.

Leonardo Monteiro

When I met them I thought“- reports Sabba – “these are all crazy. Usually I am one who is very on his own, when he enters a pre-established tour, and I was among the new ones in that dressing room, with Genise, Timothy, Andrea and Leo who came to visit us often and willingly to sing about Jesus. Then I receive the call of Giancarlo, for all Geni, for me Gengis, as Khan, the one who gave life, even if for a short time, to the largest terrestrial empire in human history. Genise has done an incredible operation with us: he has brought together very different personalities, scattered on the Wall of All Together Now 4, he has put them together to share music as if it were a simple thing, and instead it is not. But the beauty of this crazy experience is just that: it all seemed easy, and I can’t wait to find out what effect it will have to hear us singing of love with so different souls but with the same single purpose: to convey the joy of sharing a message“.

Here is a pop band of adult singers

In the end, Timothy Cavicchini tells: “at first I was hesitant, I mean really, 5 adult and independent voices, how can you think they bind so quickly? And then it happened, all defined, all clear right away, I just say wow! I say let’s not stop at a cover, I say that a pop vocal band of grown men, with all the various influences of the case, is missing in Italy and guys how much we miss the beautiful Italian music ??? Thanks to Genise who had this enlightenment, not at all obvious, thanks to my brothers from “All Together Now” who I already miss to death. Listen to us, share us, really, thank you!“.

Let’s talk about love (Hoop Music / Believe) is arranged by Phil Mer.