tracklist and collaborations of the new version of Ambition

Lele Blade aims even higher: in the wake of the great success of his latest album Ambitioncertified FIMI gold record in unsuspecting times, the rapper from Campania, author of hits like Extendo Rmx e No Joke feat. MadMan is about to release a new version of his latest recording project.

A special edition of Ambition which will include 4 new pieces inside, for as many collaborations with his other famous colleagues on the Italian scene.

Below you will find the cover of the album the complete tracklist of the album, with the new tracks in the lead.

Tracklist New version Ambition Lele Blade

“Jump” feat. Lazza (prod. Poison Beatz, Lazza)

“So Fresh So Clean” feat. Vale Lambo (prod. Poison Beatz, Yung Snapp)

“Sorry” feat. Aka 7even (prod. Luca De Gregorio)

“Immortale” (prod. Poison Beatz)

“No Joke” feat. MadMan (prod. Poison Beatz)

“Extendo RMX” feat. Paky, Shiva, Geolier (prod. Yung Snapp)

“Ambition” (prod. Yung Snapp)

“Extendo” feat Paky (prod. Yung Snapp)

“Gangsta Party” (prod. Yung Snapp)

“Sextape” (prod. Yung Snapp)

“Sul A ‘Mia” feat. Hernia (prod. Yung Snapp)

“Just For Fun” feat. Yung Snapp (prod. Yung Snapp)

“Chello Che Vuò” feat. Geolier (prod. Yung Snapp, Geeno)

“Me Gusta” (prod. Yung Snapp)

“Million Dollar Pussy” (prod. Yung Snapp)

“Serpenti” feat. Geolier (prod. Yung Snapp, Rox is here, Derpee)

“North Face” feat. Vale Lambo, Yung Snapp (prod. Yung Snapp)

“Tu Si A Droga Pe Me” feat. MV Killa (prod. Yung Snapp)

“Resta” (prod. Yung Snapp)

The meaning of Ambition, explained

The artist had told the meaning of the record during an exclusive video interview with the microphones of All Music Italia.

Con Ambition Lele Blade has overcome the use of fantastic imaginaries and mythical settings that have characterized his production so far: in the album the rapper aims to bring the listener into the artist’s imagination and life, with all the facets and pitfalls that characterize it. The meaning of the word ambition carries with it a positive and a negative value and it is precisely this dualism that the rapper tries to tell through his music.