two concerts in November in Rome and Milan

Fasma Live. It was the bet of Amadeus which, after having baptized it among the New proposals of Sanremo Festival 2020, he preferred his song to that of the incumbent winner, Leo Gassmann, per Sanremo 2021. Now Fasma, with two albums under his belt, he is ready for two big live events.

In reality we can say that, self praising ourselves a little for our constant attention to emerging, that Tiberio (real name of Fasma), it was also our little bet. All Music Italia in fact he noticed and immediately understood its potential when, in 2016, with our director on the jury, I finished third at the Wind Summer Festival. An interview followed, the only one with the young people of the event.

Since then there have been two Sanremo Festival, two albums (You would die to live with me e I am Fasma), and various certifications. Specifically for individuals To feel alive (double platinum disc), talk to me (platinum record), Marylin M. e I promise you we’ll leave someday (both gold discs).

But not only that… there was also a scouting path why Fasma with his working staff, the WFK, he wants to return some of the possibilities and fortunes that life has given him to other emerging artists that we will surely hear about in the future.

And then there is, finally, live music!


I’m a concert animal! As soon as I make one I’ll show you how to panic on stage!

With these words, an enthusiast Fasma, announced his live shows continuing then….

I’ll do the best concert you ever went to! It’s a promise! You have locked a lion in a cage for 2 years, now you have released it and every action has an equal or opposite reaction!

Prepare yourself physically and mentally!

The two shows of Fasma they will be held on November 5th in Rome (Teatro Centrale, already sold out) and on November 7th in Milan (Magazzini Generali).