Venetian! with Impulse she revealed other big names. Under Ještěd, Chinaski, Mirai or Divokej Bill will expand it

After a two-year break, the Liberec Festival of Venice is returning! with Impulse, which will be filled with the stars of the Czechoslovak music scene this year as well. The newly confirmed bands are the groups Chinaski and Mirai, which will join the already confirmed Paľo Haber on Saturday evening. Visitors to Venice will also be able to look forward to Wild Bill, Wald Gang, rapper Lip, ATMO Music and Petra Janů. This year, the festival will take place from 28 to 31 July in Liberec in the Vesec complex.

“Saturday night will be celebrated in the spirit of Paľa Habera’s 60th birthday and the 40th anniversary of the founding of his band Team. explains festival director Pavel Mikez.

“And what kind of Venice would it be without the band Chinaski, a regular guest since the first year, and recent holders of the Golden Nightingale, the Mirai group, which also likes to return to the festival. We are very happy for their participation because it is a guarantee of an interesting music mix, which will surely please all generations of festival visitors, “ supplied by the festival’s co-owner and frontman of the Doctor PP group Petr Pečený. The joy of participating in the festival is also confirmed by the guitarist of the Chinaski band František Táborský. “Venetian will always be the festival for our band, where we as a beginning band had the opportunity and honor to play, even in the very first year. Since then, we have always been happy to return to Venetian and look forward to it immensely. For us it is a legendary and traditional festival and we hope that this year will finally take place without major restrictions. “

In addition to the mentioned music guests, the festival will also open on Thursday with celebrations of the anniversaries of legends of Czechoslovak rock music. Olympic will celebrate its 60th birthday, its frontman Petr Janda its 80th and its metal band Arakain its 40th. According to Petr Pečený, the idea of ​​celebrating the hundreds of these greats at the festival arose in his law firm. “We have many years of friendly relations with Petr Janda and the boys from Arakain, and we also meet while playing at festivals. The idea for a joint festival concert almost immediately inspired Jirka Urban from Arakain. It will really be a unique music event that will not be repeated for a long time. “

The organizers of the festival have declassified other music performers that fans will be able to look forward to. To the Venetian! In addition to the band Divokej Bill, Walda Gang, rapper Lipo, ATMO Music and Petra Janů will perform with Impulse and join the already announced musicians, such as the bands Škwor, Traktor, Vypsaná fiXa or the songwriter Pokáč. Other bands will be continuously confirmed and published by the organizers. Saturday’s program traditionally includes a scene reserved for bands, especially for young people. “We have never hidden the fact that we are the largest mainstream festival, which is why the scene dedicated to young performers has become a tradition. Young visitors are also among our target audiences and and a great atmosphere, “ adds Pavel Mikez. Venetian! s Impulsem is often described as one of the cleanest festivals, as the organizers rely on a maintained environment with quality facilities. It also excels in ample parking spaces and excellent public transport service directly from the center of Liberec. From the mentioned car parks, visitors will even be able to get to the area by a popular festival train. The festival traditionally focuses on interesting regional gastronomy. Therefore, there will also be a popular festival wine bar and pub. Excellent hospitality will be complemented by a rich accompanying program, thanks to which the festival has appealed to entire families in recent years. The organizers also count on ensuring the best possible conditions for barrier-free access. In the beautiful environment under the majestic silhouette of Ještěd, the fans have something to look forward to again. The organizers of the festival have prepared a special option for fans to buy discounted tickets, which is valid until 31 January 2022.