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Veronica Liberati launch the single In the heart of the world.

With this song he tells the goal achieved to be able to feel good about oneself and with others.

Serenity is a very coveted achievement and being able to have your own balance is essential for emotional stability.

The text tells of a girl who suddenly gets up one day and, looking in the mirror, feels she has reached this strength, this satisfaction.

In the heart of the world from Veronica Liberati it is a song that highlights how love and sharing with others are a way to be at peace.

“Sitting in the center of the world / Hold me in an embrace / Together we are dancing”
“There is no limit to love”.

In the heart of the world speaks of all of us and is a powerful invitation to break down barriers even simply by dancing all together, in harmony and in peace.

Veronica Liberati – Biography

Veronica began singing at a very young age and already took part in various singing competitions at the age of 12.

In 2009 he participated in the television program I leave you a song its RAI 1 conducted by Antonella Clerici.

During the 9 episodes she sings both as a single interpreter and together with important artists and wins the Critics Award with the interpretation of the song At least you in the universe.

He continues to participate as a guest in the broadcast, takes part three times in the Tour I’ll leave you a song in the United States and Canada.

Veronica Liberati in 2012 he made his first 3 unpublished: First Great Love, You are what I have e Imperfect love.

She is also the female protagonist of the musical The Story of love, staged in Dublin.

In 2019 he participates in Friends, led by Maria De Filippi, and the first edition of the television talent All Together Now, on Canale 5, ranking second.

In the summer of 2019 his song is released Words and Ash and subsequently participates in the Golden Stag Festival in Brasov in Romania, and at the international singing competition “Magic song”, in Albania where he presents his latest single Miracle, sung in English.

In 2020 he participates in the broadcast All Together Now la Supersfida, on Canale 5, ranking in second place.