we don’t see them, but the two visionaries are always there

MINACELENTANO – The complete recordings, the new collector’s box containing the repertoire of songs recorded together by Mina e Celentano, will be available from Friday 26 November.
The two performers return and also include an unreleased track in the album, Nothing was lost, and unpublished photographic material.

The collection was presented to the press this morning, in the frame of the Milano Music Week. The artistic curator Luca De Gennaro chatted guests and Massimiliano Pani, Celso Valli, Mauro Balletti e Fio Zanotti, historical collaborators of the two artists. Remotely, she also intervened Claudia Mori, which gave us beautiful anecdotes.

Sony Music wanted to pay homage to Mina e Celentano with this stunning collection of studio recordings of the couple’s iconic duets. From early 1998 until the last Nothing was lost, registered this year. As has been the case for about 40 years now, Mina he recorded his part in Lugano, while Adriano Celentano his in Milan.
MINACELENTANO once again consecrates the partnership between the two legends of Italian music. Nothing was lost is a song written by Fabio Ilacqua, which will be accompanied by a video clip made by Mauro Balletti, art director of the artistic duo.


The first duet album Mina Celentano is from 1998, followed by The best of 2016. With this third album, the recording operation turns out to be one of the most successful, both in terms of sales and public satisfaction.
Already in 1998, Mina e Celentano they wanted to do something different together, not celebratory: a record of unreleased songs, not great hits. A foresight that has rewarded them.

“The two playful ones. They knew each other since they were boys, in the two of them there has always been this symbiosis, although they are very different. They have always worked with the spirit of doing things lightly, but seriously.
At that time, if I remember correctly, I and Massimiliano Pani we had a mutual friend, Roberto Magrini. One day I met him and, speaking of dreams, I told him that my dream was to collaborate Adriano e Mina on a project of their own. It was something that I, as a fan, wanted to hear, ”he recalls Claudia Mori.

MINACELENTANO – The complete recordings it will be released on November 26 in Hardcoverbook and Digifile versions (with double CD) and on all digital platforms.
Furthermore, from 10 December, a Deluxe Box will be released, consisting of double CDs and two Picture Discs, as well as a single and two vinyl versions.
The icing on the cake, included in all formats, is an unmissable, elegant photographic book with unpublished shots taken during the recording phase of the pieces.

“They are all unpublished photos referring to the moment of the recording session. Composing this book, looking at them all, I noticed that there was not a photo in which Mina e Celentano did not smile together. I’m always in a playful-musical phase. It’s wonderful, because you can see that they have fun with music and for music ”, the art director tells us Mauro Balletti.

Tracklist – CD 1:

1. Nothing was lost (F. Ilacqua)
2. Eva (L. De Rienzo – AG Gallo)
3. A step away from you (F. Ilacqua)
4. Brivido Felino (S. Cenci – P. Audino)
5. What am I doing here (P. Paletti)
6. Water and salt (Audio 2: G. Donzelli – V. Leomporro)
7. Amami amami (I. Raichel – R. Sinigallia)
8. It’s love (A. Mingardi – M. Tirelli)
9. I didn’t want to (A. Celentano)
10. Like a diamond hidden in the snow (M. Bruni)

Tracklist – CD 2:

1. Reflected mirrors ((Audio 2: G. Donzelli – V. Leomporro)
2. What does it mean to you (A. Celentano)
3. You don’t love me (S. Marletta – F. Spagnoli – Walter Dallari)
4. Message of love (M. Pani)
5. Always always always (L. Albertelli – E. Riccardi)
6. If you really love me (G. Marcello)
7. I leave you love (F. Berlincioni – S. Cotugno – M. Culotta)
8. It is three o’clock (L. Rustici – P. Leon)
9. Sweet fire of love (G. Fasolino)