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Laura Escanes (25 years) has decided to take a professional leap of great risk. On April 20, the famous influence He announced on his social networks that he was preparing a new job challenge that was going to surprise his 1.5 million followers. After months of arduous logistical work, creation and various reforms, this June 23, the wife of Risto Mejide (46) started the business of his dreams.

The Catalan has opened a beauty center called Blondie in the Madrid street of Salustiano Olózaga, next to Puerta de Alcalá and El Retiro park. Its name – translated into Spanish as ‘blonde’ – is due to the specialty that reigns in this exclusive hairdresser, since its professionals are experts in the nuances of blonde hair and in achieving the perfect finish for the most delicate manes. However, they are not only very experienced in golden hair styles, but they also master the care of all types of hair color and shades. Laura Escanes wants everyone to have a place in her business, a company in which she has invested a lot of time and money.

Behind the opening of this aesthetic center there are a very powerful outlay due to different factors: the location of the establishment is in one of the most expensive areas of Madrid; cosmetics, shampoos and materials are environmentally friendly and sustainable in conscience; and the hired staff is of high quality. Without a doubt, Escanes has wanted to start in the business world doing things in the most qualitative way possible.

But Is Laura as involved in the project as she appears? JALEOS has contacted a direct source from the aesthetic center and knows the answer.

Since the salon opened there have been “great interest” for knowing the new concept and there are “many young women” who have come to the place, according to this medium, to observe first-hand the business founded by the young woman from Barcelona. “There is a large influx of women. Most come in to ask if it is only for blonde hair, and when they are told that all types of hair are worked, they are encouraged to make an appointment or directly to sit down and live the experience. The truth is that the reviews are very positive so far “, they detail.

Regarding the management of Scans on the aesthetic center, the source consulted is clear: “He’s super pending, no, the next thing. He really wants it to go well”. And he provides more information: “He calls very often to know how everything is going and if not, he shows up in the morning to have the feedback first hand”.

In the words of his professional environment, influence She has taken her role as an entrepreneur very seriously and her company can boast of having had a very successful start-up in its first seven days of life.

Laura Escanes, with different hair styles.


The Catalan’s passion for capital beauty comes from afar. In fact, you just have to stop and consult the newspaper library to check the obsession that the young woman has with change hair style every so often. Precisely, thinking about her own needs and a demand that is not satisfied by the most crowded hairdressers, Laura wanted to focus on the treatment of color -because she has worn it in platinum blonde, with Californian highlights, with a more caramel tone or with pink reflections. – made by the best professionals.

It is still early to ensure that Laura Escanes’ business will be a success, but her risky challenge, for now, has attracted many of her followers and the illustrious neighbors of the exclusive area where she has opened her business. luxurious hair salon.

Laura Escanes, registered trademark

Laura, in an image of her social networks where she accumulates more than 1.5 million followers.


Laura Escanes made a crucial decision last year with the support and protection of Risto Mejide. The presenter has not only shown in these three years that it is his best incentive to succeed as influence, but also the registration of the trademark has been carried out through one of the companies that are part of its business network.

Specifically, it was on April 8, 2020 when the company Tuyoque Studio SL requested the Commercial Registry to include the brand LAURAESCANES (as his name appears on social media). A common mechanism used by companies to prevent another company from using this or similar names and thus benefit from the brand.

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