who gets off to a good start is half the battle

Damiano David he is one of the very few Italian characters to have a page Wikipedia in English, even before that in Italian… the leader of Moonlight, idolized by women and men of any nation, any age and the undisputed star of 2021.

Sought after by brands of all kinds as a testimonial, famous in Hollywood, he sang together and for artists like i Rolling Stones, was hosted by Jimmy Fallon ed Ellen Degeneres, immortalized together with Miley Cyrus like a couple of old friends …

Today the frontman and main author of the Moonlight turns 23 and we want to pay homage to him with some memories and wish him a happy birthday.

Damiano David… the story before X Factor

Born in Rome from Daniele David e Rosa Scognamiglio, both flight attendants. Due to the nature of his parents’ work, he and his older brother Jacopo they traveled around the world from an early age, introducing them to various cultures.

As a teenager he played basketball as a point guard at the local club Eurobasket Rome. A combination, basketball and music, which makes us think Jim Carroll, played inter alia in the mid-90s by Leonardo Of Caprio in the splendid The Basketball diares.

Damiano David he started singing at the age of six. Meet Victoria De Angelis e Thomas Raggi, with which it will form i Moonlight, during his days in high school, the linguistic Eugenio Montale of Rome, who did not complete to devote himself to music.


The band formed in 2016 and initially played as street performers on the streets of the city of Rome, but in 2017 they quickly rose to fame when they came in second in the eleventh season of the talent show. X Factor.

At just 18 years old, Damiano is presented to the general public in the context of the eleventh edition of the talent show X Factor with his band, i Moonlight.

Hey yo, this is Moonlight“, Like this Damiano introduces the group at the beginning of their performances. A simple, cool and direct way that characterizes all their expressiveness. Everything they say and do comes into your head as do their riffs guitar.

At the Auditions of X Factor 2017, i Moonlight are the first of the episode that is broadcast. They bring their own unpublished, Chosen, and amazed the judges and the public.

In the second phase, the Bootcamps surprise with an Italian cover of I am from the moon from Caparezza. At Home Visits, they return to sing in English with You need me, I don’t need you from Ed Sheeran.

Beyond the musical talent, albeit still immature, the character, style and awareness of the four Roman teenagers are striking.
An earliness and a determination that could be intimidating, but on which we were all ready to bet. And the first to believe it was the judge Manuel Agnelli, which guided them through the program to second place.

Moonlight … And the rest is history

More than four years of hard work, two studio albums (The dance of life of 2018 and Theater of Wrath – Vol. 1 of 2021), national and international tours sold out everywhere. Two triumphs, first a Sanremo and then toEurovision Song Contest, which made us move in a way that hasn’t happened for a while.


Damiano he is a natural leader, capable of driving and enhancing his band. It has the innate elegance of never behaving as dominant over Victoria, Ethan e Thomas. Here lies its strength.