Zic interview comes out “Poeta di corte”. About Friends? “I have a faded memory”

Court poet is the new single from say out with distribution ADA Music Italy gives Friday 19th November. This new song anticipates the new record project of the singer-songwriter who, for the occasion, we reached for an interview.

say, 23 years, Tuscan, has been working with the producer for years Pio Stefanini which helped shape the songwriter’s psychedelic pop.

Difficult to define the music of say within a single genre, his universe is a puzzle of heterogeneous sounds. Love turn-of-the-century decadence, the haircut of Mononoke, the cap of Tom Morello, the blood of Fight Club, the colors of Wes Anderson, the charm of Mastroianni and the eyes of Monica Vitti.

His debut dates back to 2017 with the single The ghost of Saturday night, which was followed by participation in the evening of Friends of Maria De Filippi and the release of the album It was hot, in 2018 also containing one of his most loved songs, New Year’s.

In 2020 he released the singles Wheels, Zarro Night, Top level e Over the top and his second album, Smarties. Now it’s time for new music with Court poet.

The piece, written and composed by say and produced with Pio Stefanini, is a psychedelic and contemporary pop, with electronic veins, in which say reinterprets the electro – pop sound of the 70s in a modern key.

Here is how the artist summarizes its meaning:

A deer dazzled by the headlights is stationary, unable to move. He stands there in the middle of the street and looks at you because he can’t do anything else. In this song, I’m that bewildered deer.

There was a time this year when I was afraid of losing everything, and this song describes those feelings leaving nothing behind. I think anyone can understand what I’m talking about, at least once in our life we’ve all been that deer.


Hi Zic, welcome to All Music Italia. I would immediately say to tell us a little about your new single “Poeta di corte”

Poeta di corte is a clear and crystalline confession of what was part of my life during the last winter.
It is a song in which loneliness speaks out loud, born from the amazement of a loss that I never expected to suffer.

You define your music as a “psychedelic pop”, however listening to your production we seem to understand that you do not want to identify yourself in a specific musical genre, rather you are an artist who sweeps and experiments. Is it just our impression?

In fact, I didn’t feel represented by any particular musical genre. So I came up with a new one.
I wanted something that represented the essence of my music.

Psychedelia is a fundamental element of my taste, both as a user and as a music producer.
Basically I needed something that expressed the freedom and magic with which I approach writing, but also the desire to reach the public with simplicity and absolute honesty.

We were very impressed by the photos that accompany this musical project, all in black and white. Is it a deliberate stylistic choice?

Absolutely, everything that surrounds the project is a function of the music itself. The graphics, photos, videos are intended to enhance the content and simplify understanding.

The idea of ​​exploiting black and white as a chromatic choice, and the same way of shooting, all strictly film with a medium format analog camera of the early 90 ‘, was born by me together with the photographer Matteo Dalle Vaglie it’s at Pio Stefanini, both friends and great professionals.
All this allowed us to better focus on the poetics of the piece, through every single shot.

“Poeta di corte” anticipates what a new album will be? Can you spoil us something about it?

I would like to tell you more but I would risk ruining the surprise, but believe me from now to January you will see some good ones.

The pandemic has stopped the live music sector and is slowly starting up again. When do you expect to be back live and in what line-up?

I would very much like to answer this question with certainty but unfortunately I cannot.
Certainly the uncertainty is great but me however I want the live shows to go hand in hand with the project, even at the cost of only creating content to put on the web.

I would like the release of everything to be accompanied by a quality live performance, where music is at the center of everything, to give the audience an alternative version of the pieces that at the same time make them more real. In any case, I can tell you that the line-up will be a trio and that the musicians will be of a high level.

It seems to us that during this period of crisis there has been a lot of attention to the workers (rightly so), tours, artists but little has been given to small live clubs that are fundamental for the diffusion of musical culture and to give space to emerging artists. . What do you think about it?

I completely agree with you… without the small there cannot be the great, so I hope that everything can return to normal as soon as possible. We need it.

You participated in Amici several years ago, today after some time, how much has this experience influenced you?

Well to be honest it is a rather faded memory, speaking from a musical point of view I would say that it had very little influence and certainly I would not call it a good experience, if nothing else it was nice to have the opportunity to duet, at least in the rehearsal room. , with splendid artists who in addition to talent have shown elegance and humility to sell.

As for television itself, it teaches you many things, but music is something else. This is my opinion on the matter.

What advice would you give to a young musician who is now entering the record market?

Yes yourself, do not be afraid of anything, think big and try to achieve everything by expecting the best of yourself. Keep friends close and never settle.