“My love, I still hope to wake up”

A very painful mourning, which has been going on for exactly ten months. And which now becomes even stronger, on the day of the commemoration of the dead. Alessandra Casella does not hide its pain on social media for the death of the husband, the chef Alessandro Procopio.

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It was last January 2 when the husband of the actress, presenter and writer was struck down by a heart attack. A sudden death that is too painful to accept. Also for this Alessandra Casella, who has always been very private about her private life, shared the pain of her husband’s disappearance with her followers. “A heart attack at 54. It was the love of my life. My daughter’s father. My best friend», He wrote on January 2nd.

Today, exactly ten months and on the day of the commemoration of the dead, that pain is renewed even if it has never fallen asleep. The words of Alessandra Casella they do understand it very well. “November 2. Ten months. That extra dead man to cry that I still can’t conceive is so horribly final. My life turned upside down in an instant and I still hope to wake up. My great love. My love», Reads the tweet this morning.

Last updated: Tuesday 2 November 2021, 11:27