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‘We Are Human, They Have Not Paid Us’: Journalist ‘dispatches’ Live

One particular episode occurred on the national television of Zambia, country South African, when journalist…

ByByPauline PotteerJune 29, 2021

At the Troadec trial, eight hours of questioning, from improbability to horror

The lawyers of Hubert Caouissin, Thierry Fillion and Patrick Larvor, at the Nantes court, June…

ByByHarry RiversJune 29, 2021

Ecuador Stops Brazil And Achieves The Pass To The Quarterfinals

It was with suffering and over the horn, but Ecuador in the end managed to…

ByByPauline PotteerJune 29, 2021

Ephemeris June 29, What happened on a day like today?

The June 29 the International Day of the Tropics is celebrated. The day was decreed…

ByBySusan HallJune 29, 2021