Presidential 2022: Carried by the PS, Anne Hidalgo unveils in Lille a little more of her program

POLITICS – The rose is not shameful, it is everywhere. With its inflated sheet to match ecology to social, the symbol of the Socialist Party was proudly displayed this Saturday, October 23, on the giant screen of the Grand Palais in Lille and on the desk of the newly invested candidate, Anne Hidalgo.

After a complicated start, a sluggish candidate declaration speech in Rouen in September and half-mast polls, the autumn strategy is clear: the Socialist Party is fully mobilized in the service of its candidate. 800 elected officials and activists spent the afternoon listening to the many speeches of support which followed one another for more than three hours before that of the candidate.

The ban and the backbench of the party in support

The party’s ban and backbench were in the room, or on video, like Carole Delga, the best re-elected region president in June who wished to send “the energy of Occitanie”. But also the former Prime Minister, Bernard Cazeneuve, seated next to Anne Hidalgo and who greeted “a great lady”, in particular during the attacks of November 13th. She knew “with a deep humanity, to have the words, to accompany the victims and to find the strength to remind us what the Republic is, its values ​​and its principles ”, recalled the one who was then Minister of the Interior.

Foreign politicians, such as the mayor of Brussels, Philippe Close or the Prime Minister of Portugal, António Costa have said how much they await the victory of Anne Hidalgo, in particular for the French presidency of the EU in 2022.

The choice of the city of Lille, held by Martine Aubry was not by chance. The city of the North, historic bastion of the Socialists is the obligatory passage for any pink presidential candidate. The patron saint of the belfry put a lot of energy into her speech to greet the one she has known for several decades and who was one of her advisers at the Ministry of Employment and Solidarity under Lionel Jospin in 1997.

Now is the time to turn the page on the Macron years. “Martine Aubry, socialist mayor of Lille

Martine Aubry wanted to make this official investiture “a happy moment”. “Because it’s time to turn the page on Macron’s five years,” warned the mayor of Lille, warming the room from the top of his moral figure. “I do not look at the polls, Anne has just been invested and social democracy is progressing in Europe”, tried to reassure the lady of the 35 hours, applauded.

There was only the first secretary of the Socialist Party, Olivier Faure, who gave voice to make him a promise. “We are with you and together we will pass the storms, we will force the obstacles one by one. We have six months left for the day to break again. The French wait for someone to stand up and talk to them about justice and that someone is someone! ”.

An exceptional reception system which allowed the candidate to take to the stage pink in hand, and to give an image of presidential candidate, like a small resurrection for the PS after five years of opposition and reconstruction that followed the failure of 2017. In a one-hour speech, the candidate unrolled her program, absent from her candidacy speech in Rouen.

Our Republic is a woman and that is how it has always been represented. “Anne Hidalgo, PS candidate for the 2022 presidential election.

“My method is simple: democracy everywhere and all the time,” warned the mayor of Paris, who presented himself as an anti-Zemmour, without ever naming the not yet far-right candidate. “An enlightening press, a parliament that debates, citizens who participate”, she summed up by unveiling the first measure of her five-year term: equal pay between men and women achieved in five years. “Our Republic is a woman and that is how it has always been represented”, she launched, by supporting her program in their favor, and in particular the fight against sexual violence or aid for them. single moms. She promised for “families”, the creation of a large public early childhood service, dedicated in particular to childcare solutions.

Mental health, a major cause of its five-year term

Positioning herself on the theme of “care” dear to Martine Aubry, without naming it, Anne Hidalgo promised that mental health would be the great cause of her five-year term, that the State would guarantee “that no household be forced to spend more than a third of their income on their accommodation ”and reiterated their commitment to the right to die with dignity.

She promised to repeal Parcours Sup and reiterated that the “treatments” of adults in contact with children at school would be “doubled”, over five years, her proposal to double the salary of teachers which had been controversial in September.

She concluded her speech surrounded by the leaders of the party with a Marseillaise, after having launched: “I will be the president of this mixed and united France, because it is the union that makes France”. “I am ready, we are ready”.

While the polls still show that a very large majority of left sympathizers want the candidates to unite, this was never discussed in Lille. “I will go to the end” promised a Hidalgo more determined than ever.

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