Prison closes for opponents of nuclear waste landfill project in Bure

Two opponents of the nuclear waste landfill project in Bure (Meuse) were sentenced to nine and twelve months in prison, and four others to suspended sentences of six to nine months, announced Tuesday, September 21, the prosecution. of Bar-le-Duc.

Only one defendant was completely released, and all were released on the charge of criminal association, said Mr.e Alice Becker, lawyer for one of them. “We wonder about the advisability of appealing or not”, she added.

“Justice recognizes by this deliberation that it was about a crude police construction, pure fiction, political-judicial fantasy. But the damage is done: the liberticidal instruction will have lasted four long years ”, reacted in a tweet the Collective against the burial of radioactive waste (Cedra). This collective also denounced “Penalties grossly disproportionate to the charges that remain”.

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Trial denounced by the defense as “political”

The Bar-le-Duc prosecutor’s office requested at the beginning of June one year in prison against one of the opponents of this controversial project and suspended sentences of ten to eighteen months against the six other defendants, at the end of a trial that the defense had repeatedly denounced as ” Politics “.

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The seven defendants, four men and three women, aged 28 to 48, responded for their participation in an undeclared demonstration, organized on August 15, 2017, one of the many episodes of a long-term protest against this project. storage center for highly radioactive nuclear waste in Bure.

Led by the National Agency for the Management of Radioactive Waste (Andra), the project called Cigéo aims to bury, 500 meters underground, 85,000 cubic meters of the most radioactive waste from the French nuclear fleet, from 2035.

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