So Sweet, Aldebaran Secretly Buys Diamond Earrings for Andin : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Synopsis Ikatan Cinta 2 October 2021, Andin and Aldebaran’s intimacy from Andin’s 29th birthday celebration party will continue tonight.

Wanting to be alone with Andin, Aldebaran pulls Andin away from the crowd at his birthday party. Aldebaran apparently deliberately wanted to be alone with Andin, without being seen by many people because he wanted to give a special gift to his beloved wife.

Revealed through a teaser video uploaded to the official Instagram account of the Ikatan Cinta, Saturday (2/10/2021) as Andin’s birthday gift, Aldebaran had secretly prepared a pair of luxurious and beautiful diamond earrings for Andin.

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“I have a gift for you, you always wear a pair of earrings, right. Just like us, we will always be together, right,” Aldebaran said to Andin.

Receiving a beautiful gift from Aldebaran, Andin can be seen smiling full of happiness while looking at her husband affectionately.

Meanwhile, at the hotel where Andin’s birthday party is held, it turns out that there is Irvan alias Tama, Andin’s biological uncle and the only sister of Mama Sofia, Andin’s biological mother.

Irvan, who was sitting in the lobby, accidentally saw Papa Surya walking into the hotel. From a distance, Irvan monitors Papa Surya’s figure.

How was the meeting between Irvan and Papa Surya? Will Irvan be able to immediately find a clue that Andin is his biological nephew that he has been looking for all this time? Then, what other sweet surprises and gifts did Aldebaran prepare for Andin?

Immediately find the answer by continuing to faithfully watch the continuation and excitement of the story of Ikatan Cinta, which is broadcast tonight at 19:45 WIB only on RCTI and can also be enjoyed through the RCTI Plus streaming application service.