“A disaster”: Elon Musk warns of SpaceX bankruptcy

A Space X rocket just before the loading dock in Florida in 2020.
picture alliance / abaca | Orlando Sentinel/TNS/ABACA

In a message to all SpaceX employees last Friday, Elon Musk warned of the possible bankruptcy of the space company.

Missing Raptor rocket engines are said to endanger the future of Starship and Starlink.

In order to avert bankruptcy, one now has to accelerate production and in the coming year carry out a Starship flight at least twice a week.

Last Friday, Elon Musk warned of a possible bankruptcy for his space company SpaceX. According to an email the Tesla billionaire sent to all employees on November 26th, the day after Thanksgiving. As the space travel intelligence service Space Explorer reported, the production of the Raptor engines is currently subject to massive problems. That emerges from the communication. The methane engines with staged full-flow combustion are required for the manufacture of the Starship spacecraft. Failure to overcome the production crisis would put the entire company at risk, the email said.

Elon Musk wrote in his message on Friday that the old management team had left drastic manufacturing problems. Just recently, Will Heltsley had resigned as SpaceX head of propulsion technology. There is now an urgent need to build new Raptor rocket engines. Otherwise Starship cannot fly. That in turn prevents the launch of the SpaceX Starlink V2 satellite.

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In order to avert bankruptcy, one has to accelerate production

Despite the holidays, the CEO called on his employees on Black Friday to get to work as quickly as possible at best: “Unless you have important family matters or cannot physically return to Hawthorne, we need all hands on deck, to recover from what is frankly a catastrophe. ”He, too, would spend the entire weekend solving the production problems.

With a valuation of $ 100 billion, SpaceX is considered the second most valuable private company in the world. But SpaceX has already been on the verge of bankruptcy in the past. At that time it was due to the increasing production numbers of Tesla’s Module 3 between 2017 and 2019. In order to avert a possible bankruptcy, a Starship flight will have to be carried out at least twice a week in the coming year. With this sentence Elon Musk ended his email. When asked for a statement from an insider, the 50-year-old did not respond. Instead, he announced on Twitter that the problem was currently being resolved.

SpaceX recently set a milestone for the future of space tourism

In September Elon Musk launched SpaceX’s first purely private space flight. This enabled four amateur astronauts to fly into space. This was an important step for the future of space tourism. But the plans of the SpaceX boss to colonize Mars were further driven by it. As Elon Musk recently announced, the company’s spaceships will land on the red planet “well before” 2030. It is unclear whether a possible production stop could thwart these ambitious goals.

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