Actress and director in space>

Before you can start filming, you have to get used to it. “I still think I’m dreaming,” said actress Julija Sergejewna Peressild after arriving on the International Space Station this week. For its director Klim Schipenko, the take-off and flight to the ISS was a “shock, but a pleasant one.”

Russians take off before Tom Cruise with SpaceX

The two Russians started on Tuesday around 11 a.m. German time together with a professional cosmonaut in a Soyuz capsule. A few weeks after the latest orbital tourist flight with SpaceX (Inspiration-4), Russia has now also sent two space tourists into orbit. In the next ten days, Peressild and Schipenko want to shoot the first space feature film. A cosmonaut gets into a life-threatening situation. He becomes unconscious and cannot return to earth. A doctor, played by Peressild, has to complete lightning training to become a spaceman and fly to the station to treat the cosmonaut in space. Heart surgery in weightlessness is said to save his life.

The 37-year-old Peressild, who is mostly known in Russia so far, but has also made international appearances, will anticipate the American superstar Tom Cruise. Its use in space had long been announced. The then NASA boss Bridenstine tweeted personally in May 2020that NASA is happy to be filming in the International Space Station with Tom Cruise.

There was no binding information, but the rumor mill was simmering: With director Doug Liman, Cruise should fly to the ISS in a Dragon capsule from SpaceX in the last quarter of 2021, it was said. Axiom Space started organizing a flight. But then it became clear: In addition to the professional astronaut Michael López-Alegría, three tourists will be on board the Ax-1 mission, which is now planned for February 2022: Eytan Stibbe from Israel, the American Larry Connor and the Canadian Mark Pathy. There was no longer any talk of Tom Cruise.

Elon Musk invited to the start

As early as 2008 there was a kind of film that was shot in space. One of the first space tourists, the computer game developer Richard Garriott, shot the private five-minute film “Apogee of Fear” on the ISS. In it he reported about small accidents because he had pushed himself off too strongly, and about some of the chaos that his uncontrolled legs left behind when floating through a module. The film with Julija Peressild, on the other hand, should contain at least 35 minutes of real space scenes. It is being developed together with the Russian TV broadcaster Channel One and the Moscow film studio Yellow, Black and White. Peressild prevailed against around 3,000 female applicants at a casting and had trained intensively for four months before starting. The film is scheduled to appear at the end of 2022.

Elon Musk was personally invited to the launch in Kazakhstan by the head of the Russian space agency Roscosmos, Dmitri Rogozin. However, this was not followed by more than a joking tweet change about types of tea. In recent years, communication between the two has not always been harmonious. Meanwhile, however, Rogozin seems fascinated by the use of private billions in the US for space travel. For security reasons, the Tesla and SpaceX bosses are unlikely to accept an invitation to Russia anytime soon.