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William Shatner (90) has fulfilled a dream. The Captain Kirk actor from “Raumschiff Enterprise” traveled into space on October 13, 2021 – as the oldest person ever. Amazon Prime Video captured the excursion into space with the camera. The documentary “Shatner in Space” starts on December 15th this year on Amazon – but only in North America, Great Britain, Australia and New Zealand. In other areas, the special should then be seen in early 2022.

William Shatner announced the start date of the documentary personally at the CCXP Worlds trade fair, as “Deadline” reports. The one-hour show not only illuminates the historic space flight of Captain Kirk, but also the before and after. Amazon boss Jeff Bezos (57) donated the actor the excursion with his space company “Blue Origin”.

Fly into space to save the earth? Prince William criticizes Shatner

The trip into space itself only lasted ten minutes – but it made a lasting impression on Shatner. “My time in space was the most profound experience I could ever have imagined,” he said. The Canadian was apparently most impressed by the view of the earth from space. “The special documenting my journey gives a dramatic glimpse into this experience, and I hope it inspires the world to realize that we have to go into space to save the earth.”

For his trip into space, Shatner also received criticism in many places, including from Prince William (39). The British heir to the throne criticized Shatner, Bezos and other billionaires who are currently planning to venture into space. For him it is more important to stay on earth and save it than to flee to other planets.

Shatner countered: “He is a gentle, educated man, but he has the wrong idea.” For him and Bezos, it is about gaining new energies in space in order to send them back to earth. “It is a small step to better use space for our purposes.”

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