Blue Origin: 5 Facts About Jeff Bezos’ Secret Space Company


Jeff Bezos’ Secret Space Plans: 5 Blue Origin Facts That Will Surprise You

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos founded Blue Origin in 2000.


Updated: 08/26/2019 – 17:01

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is also launching into space with Blue Origin – but much more discreetly than Elon Musks with SpaceX. We have five hidden facts for you.

Elon Musk regularly draws attention to himself with his space company SpaceX. The public closely follows when a missile launches or a freighter crashes. Amazon boss Jeff Bezos works more covertly with his space program Blue Origin. But what he achieves with it is no less valuable. We dig up the five most important facts for you.

Blue Origin: Jeff Bezos’ space company can do that

Did you know that Jeff Bezos started his space company back in 2000? That was just six years after Amazon founded. Since then, Blue Origin has become an important player in the space industry, largely financed by Bezos himself. After all, he is the richest man in the world. Of course, this is far from being profitable. Here you can find out how he still wants to make it and what the company is up to on earth and in space.

# 1 Bezos paid

Blue Origin lives mostly from the cash injections from Bezos himself. In return, he repeatedly sells his own Amazon shares. Most recently, he released a sum of 1.8 billion dollars, which is roughly the same as the annual budget of the Indian space agency ISRO.

#2 Ab ins All

What exactly Blue Origin is up to is relatively unclear. Yes, he wants to go into space. After all, Bezos is a true Star Trek fan. He learned from sci fi writers like Gerard K. O’Neill that the earth could get its resources from the solar system and that industry could be relocated to space. This means that the blue planet is only a residential planet. Bezos sees the future of mankind following his role models in weightlessness.

# 3 Recycling is everything

For a long time, rockets that could only be used once were used in space travel. That made for immense costs and a lot of space junk. Like SpaceX, Blue Origin also relies on reusable space shuttles based on the model of the vertically landing delta clipper DC-X. This passed successful tests in the 1990s and was finally taken over by NASA. Blue Origin hired many former DC-X engineers and gradually built its own test platform for rockets and engines.

# 4 Discretion – to the point of explosion

Blue Origin worked on its products for a long time in a quiet room. That changed abruptly when a Blue Engine 2 went up in flames on a test flight in 2011. The control center lost control 14 kilometers above the ground and had to blow up the missile. The explosion was visible from afar and made global headlines. Discretion was a thing of the past. Nevertheless, the company still takes care not to let too much information out to the public.

# 5 Bezos wants internet for everyone

Similar to how SpaceX’s Starlink constellation began, Jeff Bezos’ Amazon also wants: a better Internet supply on earth. Blue Origin is said to shoot 3,000 satellites into orbit. The project is called Kuiper.

Blue Origin: “Slow but Unstoppable”

So it remains exciting in the competition for space. The fact that Bezos acts more in the background with Blue Origin in no way makes the company and its activities insignificant. On the contrary.

The company’s motto is “Gradatim ferociter”, which freely translated means “slow but unstoppable”. With SpaceX and NASA, Blue Origin has also started the race to Mars. In addition, Bezos is also planning to return to the moon with Blue Moon. Check out Blue Origin’s new space capsule here.