Blue Origin succeeds in another missile test | Currently America | DW

“Take off and landing perfect,” tweeted Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos after the third successful test. The New Shepard rocket not only successfully took off but also landed upright on the test site in Texas without any problems.

The team’s space capsule, unmanned during the test, also landed unscathed with the help of parachutes, said Bezos, who also founded the successful Internet mail order company Amazon.

Elon Musk should be annoyed

The first two test flights from New Shepard at the end of November and in January were already successful. Blue Origin is in the race for the series production of a reusable space rocket, so to speak on the “pole position”.

Successful takeoff and landing: For the third time, a test flight of Blue Origin’s New Shepard rocket was successful

The US competitor Space X of the Internet entrepreneur Elon Musk is currently working feverishly on a rocket ready for series production that will not be destroyed after a mission has been completed, but will land again on earth and can be used again. However, the Space X missiles have had significantly more problems with the landings so far.

Most recently, a Space X Falcon 9 rocket hit a platform in the sea off the coast of Florida in early March. So far, Musk’s company has only made a successful landing.

NASA relies on private rocket operators

Recyclable missiles should significantly reduce the cost of space transportation. Because of the discontinuation of its own rocket program, the US space agency NASA is dependent on the services of private space companies in addition to using Russian space carriers to supply the International Space Station. In addition, the lucrative business of transporting satellites into space is attracting private providers.

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