Blue Origin: This is how you can now follow Captain Kirk’s flight into space live

After a postponement due to the weather, William Shatner is to undertake a ten-minute trip into space as the oldest man to date. The real-life mission of the Star Trek actor known as Captain James T. Kirk can be followed live from 2:30 p.m.

Update: After some delays, the launch should actually start soon.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is about to land another PR coup with his space company Blue Origin. After competitor Richard Branson (Virgin Galactic), the billionaire set off on a short flying visit to space in July. Today, a no less prominent crew is making the journey to the Krmn line, 100 kilometers above sea level. Also on board: William Shatner, better known to sci-fi fans as Captain James T. Kirk from the hit series Star Trek.

Second Blue Origin mission sends more tourists into space

After a successful mission, the now 90-year-old Canadian actor will go down in history as the oldest man in space. US pilot Wally Funk (82), on the other hand, is the oldest all-tourist to date after her successful Blue Origin flight in the summer. In addition to Shatner, former NASA engineer Chris Boshuizen, Blue Origins Vice President Audrey Powers and entrepreneur Glen de Vries will take a seat in the space capsule launched by the New Shepard 4 rocket as mission “NS-18” at 4 p.m. German time will be carried.

Subject to optimal weather conditions, Blue Origin will begin its mission broadcast on YouTube at 2:30 p.m. 90 minutes before liftoff from Launch Site One in Van Horn, Texas. We have embedded the appropriate live stream directly in this article. NS-18 takes off as the second manned and 18th mission of the New Shepard program. It is also the fourth launch of the reusable New Shepard 4 booster (NS4), which begins its return journey to Earth minutes before the spacecraft.

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