Blue Origin’s third space flight successful

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For the third time, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has sent tourists into space. This time an astronaut daughter and a TV presenter were among the passengers.

The daughter of the first American in space, a TV presenter and four other passengers have made a short trip into space. They were transported on Saturday by the “New Shepard” rocket system from Blue Origin by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. The ten-minute flight took off and landed in the west of the US state of Texas.

Jeff Bezos receives All-returnees

Under a clear blue sky, Bezos personally welcomed the newly elected astronauts upon their return. “Welcome back,” said Bezos, dressed in a blue spacesuit, as he opened the hatch to the capsule. To the applause of friends, family members, and Blue Origin employees, the six passengers gradually climbed out and hugged the Amazon founder. According to Blue Origin, they traveled ten minutes and 13 seconds and reached an altitude of 107 kilometers in the process.

74-year-old Laura Shepard Churchley, daughter of Alan Shepard (1923-1998), who flew into space as a NASA astronaut in 1961, after whom Blue Origin’s missile system is named, and 50-year-old TV presenter Michael Strahan were guests of honor of the company , the other four passengers had paid for their tickets: space engineer Dylan Taylor, investor Evan Dick, technology entrepreneur Lane Bess and his son Cameron. Blue Origin did not disclose how much they each paid for their ticket.

Laura Shepard Churchley remembered her father’s mission after the short flight. He worked hard on his assignments and had to do everything himself. She just flew along, said the 74-year-old with a laugh. Michael Strahan was also enthusiastic. He would like to return to space right away, said the moderator.

“New Shepard” flies automatically

The “New Shepard” missile system flies largely automatically. The capsule, which was separated from the rocket during the flight, reached a height of around 100 kilometers above the earth, at times with zero gravity, before the reusable object landed again, braked by large parachutes. The International Aviation Association and many other experts see 100 kilometers above the earth as the limit to space, but there are no binding international regulations.

It was Blue Origin’s third manned all-out excursion: the first in July, Amazon founder Bezos was on board himself, along with his brother Mark, an 82-year-old former US pilot and an 18-year-old Dutchman. The second in October featured 90-year-old Canadian actor William Shatner, who became world famous for his role as “Captain Kirk” in “Star Trek”, as well as former NASA engineer Chris Boshuizen, entrepreneur Glen de Vries and deputy boss by Blue Origin, Audrey Powers.

Critics accuse Bezos and Blue Origin of pursuing the space tourism business largely without scientific research interests for the benefit of mankind and without consideration for the climate.

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