Comments by Green MEP Michèle Rivasi about the health pass are controversial on the left

Several left-wing officials expressed their indignation on Tuesday, July 13, after the MEP for Europe Ecology-The Greens (EELV) Michèle Rivasi compared the extension of the health pass obligation announced Monday evening by Emmanuel Macron has a « apartheid ».

“It’s apartheid in the land of human rights”, tweeted the chosen one, which appeared in second position on the list led by Yannick Jadot in the European elections of 2019. Critics have rocked on social networks against Rivasi, known for her mistrust of vaccines, and this comparison with the South African regime which, from 1948 to 1991, instituted segregationist laws.

“Words have a meaning: apartheid is a political regime of fear, set up by men to kill, torture, dominate”, deplored the Deputy National Secretary of the Greens, Sandra Regol, adding: “Political criticism is useful when it is responsible, these verbal excesses are not. As an environmentalist, we can only deplore them. “

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” A bit of respect “

“A little respect for the women, men and children in South Africa who have suffered apartheid in their flesh. Deaths, atrocities and shattered lives ”, also thundered the socialist senator Rachid Temal. “Please be kind to at least spare us references to the Holocaust and apartheid. Thank you “, French Communist Party (PCF) spokesperson Ian Brossat asked on Twitter, also referring to tweets from the conspiracy sphere.

Michèle Rivasi defended herself: “The question of discrimination arises. “ She also transcribed the “Definition of apartheid in Larousse: ‘Discrimination, even exclusion, of a part of the population, which does not have the same rights, places of residence or jobs as the rest of the community” “.

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Emmanuel Macron announced that from July 21 the health pass will be necessary to enter “Places of leisure and culture” like cinemas. Then, from the beginning of August, it will be compulsory to enter cafes, restaurants, shopping centers, including for staff, and also on planes, trains or coaches that make long journeys, as well as in medical institutions.

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