diving in France recalcitrant to the vaccine against the Covid-19

By Stéphane Mandard

Posted today at 04:29

The MLACs have set up their barnum at a “Strategic location” : at the entrance to the “children’s kingdom”, between the elastic trampolines, the merry-go-rounds and the tree climbing course, just after the car park. The MLACs are the Mediators of the fight against Covid-19. This Wednesday, July 7, the team (a nurse and four agents from the Melun hospital) is undergoing a special operation at the Jablines-Annet leisure center, in Seine-et-Marne. Code name : ” move towards “.

Astan Doumbia came with his sisters to spend the day at the leisure center. This mother refuses to be vaccinated. She is adamant. Jablines-Annet, July 7, 2021.

Go to those resistant to vaccination to convince them to take the plunge. And in Seine-et-Marne, this is part of the mission. With a complete vaccination rate of 31%, it is the department of metropolitan France where vaccination coverage is the lowest. The Regional Health Agency (ARS), which is piloting the system, has set itself the objective of “Earn 20 points” during the summer, in order to avoid an epidemic rebound out of control at the start of the school year. With a strategy: target people who do not go on vacation, and in particular young people.

Vaccination Covid-19 : follow the progress of the campaign

The sky is threatening and the temperature not really summery. We do not jostle in the “Children’s Kingdom”. Marie Hubert, the nurse coordinator of the mediators, begins a conversation with the gentleman of the chalet “Zozo Bank”, who sells the “zozos”, understand the tickets for the attractions.

– “Are you vaccinated? “

– Non.

– “Do you plan to do it?” “

– Non.

The anti-Covid-19 mediators discuss with day-care center animators, Landry and Candy. Both have had Covid-19 and do not wish to be vaccinated. Jablines-Annet, July 7, 2021.

The man, in his fifties, is called Salim Dries. Like most of the people he meets at the recreation base, he says he “Prefer to wait”, that the vaccine was “Done too fast”, what “The proof, caregivers do not want to be vaccinated” and that, anyway, he “Will not go to India” when the nurse brings up the threat of the Delta variant. Mr. Dries always keeps his mask on him and is never in lack of hydroalcoholic gel. He offers us a bottle and gladly accepts the self-test kit provided by one of the mediators.

“This vaccine was released too early”

Boubous and veil on the head, Astan Doumbia has stocked up on self-tests. For her, her two sisters and their children. But for the vaccine, it is « non ». “Not for the moment, this vaccine was released too early, normally it takes years. “ Sitting on a bench by the beach, she and her sister enjoy a dish made from plantains. The children wait for the mother’s green light to take a dip in the water of the Marne. For the vaccine, parental consent is red. ” No way “, warns Fatou, the younger sister:

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