end of gauges in restaurants, cinemas, theaters and shops

The gradual lifting of health restrictions has accelerated due to the improvement in the epidemic situation. On June 17, the government abolished the obligation to wear a mask outdoors (except in a crowd, in markets or in stadiums) and lifted the curfew on June 20. This measure had been in effect since October 2020.

However, there were still many restrictions, such as gauges in company canteens or the wearing of a permanent mask in closed places. Most of them are now lifted from Wednesday June 30 throughout the territory – with the exception of the Landes, where the prefect announced on June 30 the extension of health restrictions “Until July 6 included”, due to the strong presence in the department of the Delta variant.

Overview of the latest measures.

  • Shops, canteens, cinemas … The end of gauges in most closed places

The gauge restrictions have been lifted in most enclosed places, such as shops, museums, cinemas or even restaurants – where it is also the end of the limit for tables of 6 people.

In companies, and in particular canteens, this change in health protocol will not however lead to a return to normal. The time slots must continue to be adapted “Systematically (…) with staggered hours to reduce the number of guests present simultaneously ”, specifies the protocol, according to The Parisian, which adds that the document suggests “The installation, as far as possible, of baskets to take away and to consume at the workstation”. For pots, the updated protocol no longer calls for them to have no more than 25 people, but still recommends that they be held in outdoor spaces.

The ceremonies are also concerned by the end of these gauges: until now, at the town hall as in the places of worship, one in two seats had to be left free during a wedding. Ditto for outdoor burials, previously limited to 75 people. From now on, there is no longer any limitation on the number of people.

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  • The end of assembly restrictions in public places

Until now, gatherings taking place on public roads or in a place open to the public could not exceed 10 adults, with the exception of demonstrations declared in the prefecture. This limit is removed.

The practice of sport outdoors (in public spaces or through outdoor equipment) was until now allowed up to a limit of 25 people, and adult amateur competitions could not be held with more than 500 participants. From now on, the number of individuals will not be limited for sports lessons, and outdoor sports competitions may be held within the limit of 2,500 people, subject to presentation of the health pass beyond 1,000 people.

  • Standing concerts allowed again

Standing concerts, banned since March 2020, are again authorized, with a gauge of 75% indoors and 100% outdoors.

For events bringing together more than 1,000 people, access is reserved for holders of a health pass (full vaccination against Covid-19 or negative test of less than forty-eight hours). Wearing a mask is no longer compulsory, but only recommended. On the other hand, under 1000 people, the wearing of the mask remains obligatory, because the entry is done without sanitary pass.

The discos, they will not be able to reopen until July 9.

  • Vaccination during authorized working hours

While the vaccination campaign shows signs of slowing down for the first doses, the protocol also widens the possibilities for employees to be absent to be vaccinated.

So far, the document stated that “If the employee chooses to go through his occupational health service, he is authorized to be absent during his working hours”. Now, the protocol argues that“Employers are expected, in view of public health imperatives, that they allow their employees to be absent during working hours, to facilitate their access to vaccination”, for example in a center outside their workplace. The document nevertheless specifies that “The employee is invited to get closer to his employer in order to determine the best way to organize this absence”.

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