From “Ushuaia” to the investigation of “Special Envoy”, Nicolas Hulot in “Le Monde”

“Disgusted”, Nicolas Hulot announced, Wednesday, November 24, on the set of BFM-TV, that he was leaving “Definitely public life”. A media outlet in order to anticipate an investigation by “Special Envoy”. Broadcast the next day, Elise Lucet’s show revealed the testimonies of four women accusing the best-known environmentalist of rape and sexual assault. “These women lie”, had anticipated the former minister the day before. Friday, November 26, the Paris prosecutor’s office opened a preliminary investigation for rape and sexual assault, even if the facts denounced seem prescribed.

And The world evokes for the first time Nicolas Hulot on December 25, 1981, in an article on the changes of grids at France Inter, where he worked, it is in 1988 that the newspaper devotes its first real article to him. While the show “Ushuaïa” has just been launched in the fall of 1987, its young host appears to be a tireless adventurer. Christophe de Chenay evokes a former photographer who “Has never been afraid to leave at his own expense on the most burning ‘shots'”, from South Africa to Guatemala. A thrill-seeker, “First journalist to run the Paris-Dakar”.

Narcissism lawsuit

Four years later, “Ushuaïa” is already cult. Each program, with incredible natural settings, is billed for several million francs. The featured presenter is described in “Dream merchant” by Jean-Louis André, March 30, 1992. “If his show does not run out of steam”, writes the journalist, is that she delivers “A candid look at nature that nothing can disturb”. To illustrate “This fundamental optimism”, the editor quotes Nicolas Hulot: “I go directly to what is beautiful, avoiding countries in crisis. “ But, with success, “Ushuaia” “Necessarily stirs up contradictions”, adds Jean-Louis André. “The absolute lover of nature will be surprised, for example, to see sophisticated technologies so often used. Still good when it comes to ULMs, but a Mirage 2000 is more questionable… ”

“If I go inside the system, I lose my independence, my freedom of speech and, above all, the capital of confidence that I have in public opinion. »Nicolas Hulot in 2002

Surprising, again, the sponsorship of the program by large industrial groups, such as Rhône-Poulenc. With success come the trials of narcissism. “What if Hulot-explorer, much more than circling the planet, began in Technicolor the tour of itself? “, pretends to wonder Agathe Logeart, February 9, 1996. May 31, 2002, Dominique Dhombres describes a Nicolas Hulot “Touching in his ecological convictions and slightly annoying in his way of staging himself”.

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