If you want to go into space with Blue Origin, you shouldn’t weigh too much

Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin is auctioning a spot on the debut flight on July 20th. But if you are bidding for it in the auction, you should first read the general terms and conditions (Conditions) read – thoroughly. Because getting a place should depend less on the price that comes out at the end of the auction, all the more on the conditions that a potential astronaut has to meet.

These are the requirements for astronauts

So the crew members are only allowed to between 160 and 193 centimeters tall or be small. You also need a Weight between 50 and 101 kilograms exhibit. Those who are taller, smaller, heavier or lighter are not allowed to fly. People who want to become astronauts must also be able to put on a flight suit that consists of only one part and climb the tower that is intended for take-off within 90 seconds.

Other requirements concern the ability to walk quickly on uneven surfaces or the ability to buckle up at a speed of less than 15 seconds. Fear of heights, on the other hand, is not desirable because it would be a hindrance to climbing the starting tower.

The auction runs until mid-June, after which the space will be allocated

US citizenship not required

All potential astronauts must also speak English enough to understand all of the instructions. Those who want to bid for the space as a crew member do not necessarily have to come from the USA, but they must be over 18 years old and be allowed to enter the USA.

In the terms and conditions it is also noted that the amount that comes out at the auction will not be refundable. So if you don’t meet one of the criteria and still bid, you’re out of luck.