in a new opinion, the scientific council specifies how and when to stop the sanitary pass

Gradually lighten the measures put in place in the context of the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic because the situation seems to be calming down. While remaining careful, because many parameters can still lead to a resumption of circulation of the virus. This is the message of the scientific council on the epidemic in the opinion sent to the government on Tuesday, October 5, in response to the referral made to it on September 23 by the Minister of Solidarity and Health on the issue. “A reduction in measures aimed at limiting the circulation of the virus, in particular with regard to the scope of activities and places subject to the health pass”.

So lighten up, but not just any old way and not anytime. In their opinion, the scientists propose several scenarios to accompany this “Peaceful situation”. In a first scenario, “A quick or even immediate exit” of the health pass, the council plans to stop or limit it in the next two or three weeks, provided that the viral circulation remains low and constantly decreasing. This shutdown could be global or limited to certain places where the risk of contamination seems low, “Outdoor restaurants, cultural places except concerts, shopping centers, trains …”.

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In favor of this measure, the scientific council points to several arguments, such as “The limited effectiveness of the sanitary pass as a protective measure” – the authority had already said, when it was set up, that this pass could not in itself guarantee an absence of contamination, that it could even induce in people the illusion of being completely protected , and that its use should be limited in time. This scenario also makes it possible to respond to a “Certain number of societal / democratic questions”. Finally, insists the council, it is necessary to communicate on the possible evolution of this reopening strategy. ” The notion of a possible backtracking would be announced immediately and associated with a significant deterioration, unlikely in the short term. “

Secure conditions

In the second scenario, the deadline is deferred, “To prepare for an exit from the sanitary pass in secure conditions”, and envisaged between November 15 and the end of 2021. This period would make it possible to consolidate the observed drop in incidence, “Verify the absence of effect of the start of the school year, university and professional, and the return of climatic conditions [baisse des températures] favorable to the circulation of the virus ”.

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