In Paris, the anger of the demonstrators against the health pass

Nearly 15,000 demonstrators in Paris, on a Saturday July 31, in the middle of summer, at the time of the crossroads on the highways. More than 200,000 nationwide, in 180 gatherings organized in the main metropolises as well as in medium-sized and small towns. All without an organization to support them, without a real leader, with the sole strength of word of mouth and social networks. If the future of the movement against the health pass is obviously difficult to anticipate, the third consecutive Saturday of mobilization testifies to the installation of a protest, minority but very determined, very lively, sometimes radical, against the policy of the government. A demonstration which ended, Place de la Bastille, with clashes between several hundred demonstrators and the police and gendarmerie forces, mobilized in numbers to supervise the rally.

The movement is not limited to anti-vaccine opponents. It is characterized first of all by the great diversity of profiles of the demonstrators singing “Freedom, freedom, freedom!” “. Alone, as a couple, with family, with friends, of all ages, white, black, employees, retirees, some vaccinated, others who refuse. Among the faces, the motivations, the personal stories, it is the extreme diversity of the profiles that is striking. “We keep warm, all together, while we all suffer sometimes very harsh criticism, sometimes insults, from those around us. It was visceral, for me, to come, because they undermine our freedoms ”, says Isabelle, 39, employed in the social sector – very critical of the media and worried about the possible repercussions, which they consider to be partisan, most of the demonstrators demand anonymity. This Saturday July 31, it was his first demonstration. She will come back, she swears.

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“The freedoms that we are being cut down”

“They deprive us of our freedom, we cannot let this happen”, testifies a 39-year-old chef, his twelve-year-old daughter nestled on the shoulders, in the middle of “yellow vests” which sing the Marseillaise. “My body, my choice, my freedom”, proclaims a sign. ” Against us from the tyrany “, wrote a “yellow vest” by taking up one of the verses of the national anthem. “They did not know how to do pedagogy to convince. The past leads to setting people apart, it’s very serious ”, explains Sophie, 50, speech therapist, vaccinated against the Covid-19 virus. “What’s going on with the vaccine is indicative of something bigger. It is also the place taken by money in the field of health ”, she emphasizes.

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