POLSA and Cosmic Hub invite you to a series of industry workshops

Cosmic Hub is a platform created by the Polish Space Agency (POLSA) in cooperation with the Cambridge Innovation Center. The idea was to establish a forum for discussion about the impact of space on other sectors, about innovation, cooperation between science and business, as well as places for gaining sector knowledge and exchanging experiences.

The workshops of the Polish Space Agency at the Cosmic Hub will be conducted – depending on the topic – in Polish or English. Each meeting will last approx. 3-5 hours, also including networking.

Those interested in participating in the training can now read the agenda of the first meeting scheduled for Wednesday, July 28 this year. and register your participation by completing the application form.

The subject of the first meeting: “ESA – how to start?”

Event themes:

  • How to register, what to pay attention to?
  • Apply alone or in a consortium?
  • Tender notices and planned tender notices – what to do?
  • Experiences of Polish entities in ESA projects
  • What happens after the results of the proposal are announced?
  • Contracting from the perspective of an engineer and project manager
  • What contract products need to be delivered to ESA and within what timeframe?
  • How to correctly plan the project budget and payments during it?
  • What does the CCN process look like?
  • What should the monthly report contain and how can it differ depending on the Contract Officer?
  • How to properly close a project – discussion of the Executive Summary report, Final Report and issues of IPR generated?
  • Networking

The language of instruction at the meeting on July 28 will be Polish. The assumed duration of this event is 5h + networking. The meeting will be chaired by POLSA representatives: Oskar Zdunek, Jakub Stelmachowski.

The number of places is limited. Priority for participation in training is given by membership in the Cosmic Hub, followed by the order of applications along with the fee. The cost of participation for representatives of entities not associated in the Cosmic Hub is PLN 170 (participation in the meeting is free of charge for Cosmic Hub members). Entities interested in joining the initiative are recommended to contact Jakub Stelmachowski – [email protected]).

Announcements of the topics of the next meetings:

  • August 18: Contracting from a lawyer’s perspective – in cooperation with the Kozminski University; Export control – John F. Hall presentation in English; Networking (registration until August 16)
  • September – TBC: Creating a downstream offer; Creating an upstream offer; Networking
  • October – TBC; Quality and design management; Own experiences – short presentations of students’ projects; Networking
  • November – TBC; Group work and negotiation workshops
  • Other topics: Horizon Europe – how to apply; ESA Space Solutions

Source: Polish Space Agency