Senate examines deeply rewritten animal condition bill

It is a text widely revised – even, according to some, emptied of its substance – which is discussed in the Senate, Thursday September 30 and Friday 1is October. Eight months after its adoption at the end of January, almost unanimously in the National Assembly, the bill aimed at combating animal abuse is examined in the Senate. This text, which was supported by majority deputies with the support of the government, intended to advance the animal condition in France on several aspects.

In the version adopted by the Assembly, it aims to improve the lot of pets by preventing impulse purchases, to increase penalties for acts of cruelty committed against animals and to ban the performances of wild animals in traveling circuses. and dolphinariums. Despite the absence of measures concerning breeding, hunting and bullfighting, these proposals had been widely welcomed by animal protection associations.

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The rapporteur for the text in the Senate, Anne Chain-Larché (Les Républicains, Seine-et-Marne), for her part, wanted to make a number of corrective measures to the text to “Control the side effects”, adopted on September 22 in the Committee on Economic Affairs. Exit the general ban on wild animals in traveling circuses, place for a specialized committee under the leadership of the Ministry of Ecological Transition which would formulate a list of prohibited animals, decreed by decree. Exit the ban on dolphin and killer whale shows in dolphinariums: “If we went in this direction and prohibited their reproduction, we would automatically evade European research programs”, defends the senator. Exit, finally, the prohibition of sale in pet stores to prevent impulse purchases – “The acquisitions would be transferred to the Internet, it is better to supervise the sale in store” -, and the obligation for mayors to sterilize stray cats – “The cost is too high for the mayors, it must be borne by the State. “

A camel in a traveling circus truck, Germany, in 2016.

Ultimate symbol, the senator proposes to delete the reference to “Mistreatment” in the title of the text and rename it to “Bill to strengthen the links between humans and animals”. “I wanted to put my foot in it, because this text could tend to separate man from animal, while the reverse is better”, pleads Mme Chain-Larché, who believes that his proposals allow “To rebalance the text”.

Sterilization of stray cats

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