SpaceX Starship needs FAA Environmental Draft Review for Flights, Public Invited to Comment—Testing Soon?

SpaceX Starship needs FAA approval, and the Federal Aviation Authority is now fixing up the environmental draft review, which it would soon open up to the public for comments and opinions. It would help in determining if SpaceX should be given the proper permits and go signal for the launch of their Mars-bound spacecraft.

FAA Environmental Draft Review

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The FAA has already prepared an environmental draft review for SpaceX’s Starship and Super Heavy Booster rocket that would soon have its tests once permitted by the agency. Now, the FAA needs to focus on evaluating and properly assessing SpaceX if the spacecraft and everything that is included with it can be permitted for a flight.

The environmental draft review is one of the few roadblocks which SpaceX has now, especially in continuing with its test flights and looking into the full-stack of Starship and Super Heavy. The FAA also invited the public to convene and share their opinions with regard to the company’s spacecraft for further assessment.

The draft review will be an important piece in the continuation of its testing and approval of the permit, which SpaceX currently does not have yet from the agency.

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SpaceX Starship Permit

Starship does not have a permit to fly yet, especially if it would do so with the Super Heavy Rocket.

Before this, SpaceX had also flown a test rocket with the Starship, which violated provisions, something which caused a dispute with the FAA. Additionally, several of SpaceX’s crew in Boca Chica has once blocked the traffic, something which the FAA has focused on and highlighted.

SpaceX Starship: Mars is Only One Destination

Fully-Stacked Starship

(Photo : Elon Musk via Twitter)

The Starship had already stacked atop the Super Heavy Booster rocket, something which the company has been aiming to achieve when it was first testing the rockets it had. The SN15 has given them the first ship which showed a successful return to the ground, being one popular reusable rocket for its future flights.

Now, the SN15 has been changed to the SN20, and its upgrades have focused on the needs of the spacecraft, especially as it is bound for Mars and other destinations.

Nevertheless, the Starship’s main focus is to bring cargo and humans to farther places than it has been, particularly towards Mars and beyond, helping pave the way for space tourism.

Humans becoming “multi planetary species” will soon become a true venture for SpaceX and other private space companies and agencies, as the rapid development brings new technology for it.

The fast track of this would soon be felt by humans, something which they can utilize whenever they want, as it is the aim of the space industry now.

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