“Vaccine pass”, deadline for the booster dose … What to remember from the announcements of Jean Castex

During a statement to Matignon, Friday, December 17, the Prime Minister, Jean Castex, announced several measures intended to counter the fifth wave of Covid-19, at the end of a health defense council which had been held earlier in the afternoon. The objective is to halt the progression of the epidemic which has exceeded 50,000 daily cases.

The fifth wave “Seems to be approaching its climax”, he judged. “Added to this situation is the arrival of the Omicron variant. It is spreading at lightning speed around us in Europe, with the number of cases doubling every two to three days. If we have already identified several hundred cases in France, we believe that this variant will spread very quickly, to the point of becoming dominant from the start of 2022 ”, he was alarmed, before announcing a battery of measures.

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  • The health pass will become a “vaccination pass”

The government intends to transform the health pass into a “Vaccine pass”, which can only be activated with a complete vaccination schedule and no longer with a simple negative test, Prime Minister Jean Castex announced on Friday. “From now on, only vaccination will be valid in the past”, he insisted.

A bill will be submitted to Parliament to this effect ” early January “, he continued. The Prime Minister has indicated that he will proceed “At the beginning of next week to the preliminary consultations on this project, as well as on all other useful measures to extend the vaccination as much as possible”. According to government sources cited by Agence France-Presse on Friday evening, the text should be examined in the Council of Ministers on January 5, then debated in the National Assembly from Monday January 10.

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It will also aim to “To tighten the conditions of control and sanctions against false passes”. “It is not admissible that the refusal of a few million French people to be vaccinated puts the life of an entire country at risk and undermines the daily lives of a vast majority of French people who have played along since the start of this crisis. “, hammered the head of government, adding:

“We take it upon ourselves to put pressure on the unvaccinated, because the critical care and resuscitation services in our hospitals are mostly filled with unvaccinated people. “

In parallel, “The so-called to go toin the direction of populations who may have missed out on vaccination through ignorance or because they are traditionally the furthest removed from the healthcare system ”, he continued.

  • The deadline for the vaccine booster reduced to four months

The vaccine booster against Covid “Will be possible as soon as we have passed the period of four months compared to the previous injection and no more than five months”, announced Jean Castex.

Means will be put in place to carry out this recall campaign, he said.“The State will mobilize soldiers trained for this purpose”.

“While we have left time, a lot of time, to these French people who had hesitations and doubts, in January we will strengthen the incentive for vaccination”, added the Prime Minister, stressing that nearly 6 million people are still not vaccinated.

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  • Call to renounce large gatherings for the holidays

Town halls must give up concerts and fireworks on New Year’s Eve, during which alcohol consumption on public roads will be prohibited in order to limit the spread of the Omicron variant of Covid-19, the Prime Minister announced on Friday, Jean Castex. “I appeal to everyone’s responsibility to find other modalities than large gatherings”, said the head of government, who however said he understood “The frustration of having to limit yourself in these festive moments”.

Jean Castex also recommended limiting the number of people during celebrations and end-of-year meals:

“Rather than a specific number – six, eight or ten – let us rely on common sense: the fewer there are, the less risks we take. Whether at home, in a restaurant, party hall or bar, let’s avoid big parties and large gatherings. “

He also invited the French, “Vaccinated or not, to be tested in the hours preceding these moments of celebration”.

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  • Overtime pay doubled at the hospital from Monday

After praising the work of the caregivers – “We owe them a lot” -, the Prime Minister announced that the remuneration of overtime worked in the hospital will be “Multiplied by two” starting next Monday.

“We asked the city professionals to mobilize to ensure the continuity of care during this period”, and “Measures will also be deployed for our emergency services, but what our caregivers expect from us is that we be careful and especially that we vaccinate ourselves”, added the head of government.

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