WATCH: This is How SpaceX’s Super Heavy Booster Orbital Launch Tower is Made—Elon Musk Congratulates Team for Finishing

SpaceX’s Super Heavy Booster has an Orbital Launch Tower so that it may lift off and return to the surface as the company controls it, as it cannot land on drone ships. And while most people are interested in knowing how the rocket is built, a process on how its launch tower is built is equally knowledgeable to give insight on what the Super Heavy is.

The Super Heavy features “full and rapid” reusability standards as of this writing, and Elon Musk made sure that it is not yet the final version of the project. As much as people are excited for SpaceX’s Mars mission to unfold, the spacecraft is still under a lot of testing and changes before it can go.

SpaceX Super Heavy Booster Launch Tower

(Photo : Elon Musk via Twitter)

According to a recent tweet by a SpaceX fan, as a screen recording from Lab Padre (@LabPadre), the SpaceX Orbital Launch Tower that stands at 469 feet tall is now complete. What this would do is to stack, launch, and catch the Super Heavy on its future missions with the company.

July is the month for the Full Stack, but nearing its end, nothing was seen from SpaceX.

However, that being said, this is a massive achievement or progress from the company, especially as SpaceX is rapidly progressing as a space agency during this time.

The company can deliver a lot of improvements on its spacecraft, as well as advancements as the first commercial company that uses its fully reusable rocket on all launches.

The video shows a crane lifting and stacking up the Orbital Launch Tower, which would soon hold up the Super Heavy before the Starship is lifted and placed atop it. This video was originally live-streamed by Lab Padre and has shown the entire process of SpaceX’s construction process for the towering rocket booster.

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Musk is Happy that the Orbital Launch Tower is Built

The eccentric billionaire and multi-tech CEO, Elon Musk, has seen the video clip of the stacking and took the opportunity to thank and congratulate the tower team.

Here, the CEO also mentioned that there were private contractors which helped in building the said launch tower, all of which have the goal for Super Heavy.

Musk is happy that the launch tower is already built, and he is grateful to all of his employee’s work as he commends them via Twitter most of the time. Moreover, this is one step closer to the CEO’s goal of having the mission to Mars, and soon, stepping foot on the neighboring planet.

Super Heavy, Starship: Different Spacecraft, Same Mission

The Super Heavy and Starship are two different spacecrafts, but both have the same mission and goals, and it is to make humanity a multi-planetary species. Super Heavy would rely on a launch tower for both its ascent and descent; while the Starship can fly and return well on its own.

SpaceX is soon having its full-stack and the Orbital Launch Tower signifies its soon emergence.

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