Spider-Man No Way Home Hot Toys figure reveals Peter Parker’s new powers

The Spider-Man No Way Home Hot Toys figure showcases the best look yet at the black and gold suit … with new magical powers that seem to come from Dr. Strange.

We are still waiting like July water for the trailer of Spider-Man No Way Home, of which we have not seen almost any image … with how paradoxical it is that the official toys have already revealed up to three Spider-Man suits.

One of them looks the same as the one that leads to the end of Far From Home, but the others are completely new: an apparent mix between his Stark suit and the Iron Spider … and one completely black with yellow nets.

This is the most radical of all, and although it is not new to comics or video games, it does make its debut in live action Spider-Man. In the absence of seeing it in motion in the movie that is released December 17, 2021Another figure, a Hot Toys, one of the most realistic on the market, offers us a very detailed look at the suit.

The suit is called Black & Gold Suit, black and gold. He also maintains some red touches on the elbow and fingers, curiously, where he wears a kind of forearms with which he expands his arsenal. And it is that this suit seems to be enhanced with the powers of Doctor Strange, which allow him to throw some special blue cobwebs …

We already know that Dr Strange will have a prominent presence. In fact, according to the LEGO sets in the movie, it looks like there will be a fight in the Sanctum Santorum workshop, involving Wong and MJ as well.

But, if we look again at the Funko Pop from the movie, we see that the other new suit, the so-called Integrated Suit, he also seems to have these magical powers from Doctor Strange …

Interestingly, in Avengers Infinity War A black suit has already been designed, although different: completely black, and with the silver chest spider. Finally, it will be in Spider-Man No Way Home when Marvel Studios’ Peter Parker expands his wardrobe with other colors.

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Spider-Man No Way Home will premiere on December 17. And Dr. Strange In the Multiverse of Madness will premiere on March 22, 2022, so you better have some fresh Scarlet Witch and Vision … and maybe Loki too, just in case.

Fountain: S_U_works