Who Are The Five Players Who Earn The Most With The Sponsorship Of The Eurocup?

The Eurocup has in the round of 16 the five players who earn the most with sponsorships in personal contracts. According to figures from the consultancy KPMG, the quintet earns a total of $ 92 million per year.

The top of this ranking, of course, belongs to Cristiano Ronaldo, which leads the selection of Portugal and represents more than 78% of that amount. Solo, win, by season, $ 72 million in endorsements.

It is almost eight times more, for example, than what Nike pays to dress the Portuguese team; also according to KPMG, the contract is for $ 9.2 million a year.

After CR7, who wins the most with sponsors is another former Real Madrid, but from a much less popular team: Gareth Bale, from Wales, with $ 8 million per season.

The third and fourth places are for players of France. Kylian Mbappé it is not, at least not yet, the most prestigious among the brands of its team. Lags behind in billing Paul pogba.

Manchester United midfielder receives $ 6 million from sponsors a year, while the PSG forward receives $ 4 million.

Close the quintet of the highest paid in advertising money, Romelu lukaku from Belgium, with an annual profit of 2 million dollars.

The knockout stages of the Eurocup started this Saturday, with the selection of Bale in the countryside. As second place in group A, Wales fell to Denmark.

On Sunday, the Portugal from Cristiano Ronaldo faces the Lukaku Belgium. The France from Pogba Y Mbappe will be on the field on Monday against Swiss.

The other round of 16 matches are Italy vs Austria, Holland vs Czech Republic, Croatia vs Spain, England vs Germany and Sweden vs Ukraine.