The Marked Of France – ActionPush

As is usual in France, removal of selection It has sparked a barrage of criticism from which virtually no one has been spared. If the most notable of the defeat against Switzerland has been Deschamps, the newspaper L’Equipe He also wanted to highlight certain behaviors of the members of the French national team as a critic after the fiasco last Monday.

The prestigious French newspaper notes the mistakes of various players during preparation and competition, including Benzema, Dembélé, Lucas Hernandez, Coman, Koundé, Rabiot, Lemar and Thuram. Nor so Pogba or Mbappe, the player who missed the decisive penalty. DIn fact, several of the positions of those mentioned would be in danger after the Eurocup (not Benzema’s), the same script as for Cyril Moine, physical trainer for the French team.

Moine’s methods have not been to the liking of the players, who consider that the physical preparation prior to the European Championship has not been the most adequate to face the tournament. According to L’Equipe, What has bothered the fitness trainer’s staff the most are the intensity of the exercises in the sweltering heat, causing a tense atmosphere within the locker room regarding their methods.

Several open fronts

In France they state that the first tensions came with the call of Karim Benzema. The way of announcing it did not sit too well with the squad. But everything stayed there. They focused on Clairefontaine and everything looked rosy, but it wasn’t. The center of the controversy centered on Kylian Mbappé, first because of his encounter with Giroud and later because of his airs of greatness with Hugo Lloris, Moussa Sissoko or Steve Mandanda.. They even end up naming an episode with Griezmann, according to Le Parisien.

Another issue that negatively affected was the premature departure of Dembélé, injured. The Barcelona player makes pineapple and brings good humor to the group. Finally, there were two disagreements in the game against Switzerland. That of Pogba-Rabiot and that of Pavard-Varane. Both were visible during the meeting.