Messi Has A Team – ActionPush

Today Lionel Messi is not a player of the Ftbol Club Barcelona. He is without a contract in Europe, but he does have one in South America. Your Argentine team has a team to take the cup away from Brazil, from your hands and in your own home. Although for that, the semifinals will have to be resolved. Argentina awaits Colombia and for that appointment he had to beat Ecuador with more problems than expected. Almost all solved by Messi.

The result of 3-0 was exaggerated seen what was seen, but more is watching Leo play. Argentina won with goals from De Paul and Lautaro, both past 10, always present. The precinct was already put by Lionel only with a penalty that became a foul by warning of the VAR and that ended up being a foul transformed into a penalty by the work and grace of Messi.

Despite the three goals they scored, Ecuador can come out with their heads high. I deserved much better luck. He stood up to Argentina and put her on her nerves in a second half that could have ended differently. I didn’t go through the Leo factor. Although there were also other factors they did not alter the product.

Goalkeeper Emiliano Martnez kept the guy when his companions’ legs shook. There also Argentina won the game as from the bench. Scaloni’s changes were decisive. Guido Rodrguez and Di Mara They appeared on the scene and did a lot of good to Messi’s Argentina, better accompanied by the new ones.

Honor to Ecuador

A comfortable Argentine victory was expected and the scoreboard is deceptive. Argentina did not go ahead until minute 40. The goal originated in Messi and he clarified it later by assisting Rodrigo de Paul, soldier today of Leo and future of Cholo. Shortly before, the 10th had sent a kiss to the stick to warn of what was coming.

The goal and the rest could well tie the game, but it happened to the contrary. Ecuador It lit up and threw herself at the other goalkeeper as if there were no tomorrow with Silver worth gold. And well that could mark. Nico Gonzlez almost even helps him, who showed that anyone can have a bad night. Or almost.

Messi has a team

In the end, Argentina endured the suffering to end up breathing with joy. Ecuador gave away the other two goals and the match ended with Messi’s signature in his contract to be champion with Argentina once and for all.