Achraf Gives More Money To Madrid

The final agreement to carry Achraf Hakimi from Inter to PSG seems imminent since the full-back and the Parisian club have already closed the conditions of the contract and Inter are evaluating the latest offer of € 70M. In a figure very close to that, the final OK is expected and Real Madrid is very aware of the operation. Part of this amount will go to the coffers of Chamartín by virtue of the solidarity mechanism imposed by FIFA to all transfers between different countries.

Madrid will get one more pinch for Achraf, specifically € 2.1M of that payment from PSG to Inter. According to the solidarity mechanism, set out in the FIFA Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players, clubs that have trained a footballer between the ages of 12 and 23 will have the right to receive 5 percent of a transfer and they will distribute it proportionally according to the years they have had that player. For having had him between 12 and 19 at the club, Madrid accounts for 60 percent of that 5% of the total of those 70 million from the sale, that is, € 2.1 million to the white pocket. They join the 40 million euros for which Real Madrid transferred Achraf to Inter just a year ago.

Of course, with this sale to Paris, Madrid pockets that small amount but in return loses the right of first refusal over Achraf. That is the only thing that was included in the sale to Inter, because the white club does not have a buyback clause. Only that option to match any offer and keep the player, but will resign once Inter give the green light. Madrid usually includes a 72-hour period to respond in the first refusal rights but will not match PSG’s offer and if everything goes as expected, the Moroccan international will change Milan for Paris shortly.

The solidarity mechanism has already paid benefits before

Real Madrid has been collecting a good sum of money practically every summer in this way. From modest figures like the € 60,000 he received from Betis for Javi garcia in 2017 (he had already collected this mechanism in previous midfielder transfers) or the € 530,000 that he took from the transfer of Bush to Chelsea in 2011, a footballer who by the way had left Valdebebas for free. Money also came from sales like those of Morata, Negredo, Marcos Alonso, De Tomás and a long list of white homegrown players who starred in international sales …