Coincidences Between Denmark 2021 And The Champion Of Eurocup 1992

The Danes collided with an opponent with whom they did not have a good record in the European tournament

Denmark It is one of the sensations of the Euro 2020. After the scene that marked the start of the tournament with the collapse of Christian eriksen in the game before Finland, the team won a Czech Republic dangerous this Saturday to settle in the semifinals. In 1964, 1984 and 1992, the country reached this instance of the tournament.

In the last tournament they played and reached these final instances, in 1992, the Danish side made history by advancing to the final and lifting the title for the first and only time in its history.

That time there were similarities that now become relevant.

The first and most striking coincidence was the way the Nordics qualified towards the final phase of the tournament. As 29 years ago, Denmark reached the final day of the group stage and with a victory and a combination of results, they qualified as second place in their group.

Similarly, the second and perhaps saddest coincidence refers to a health situation. This year Christian Eriksen was discharged due to a heart condition that withdrew him from the competition after a collapse in the first game against Finland.

In 1992 it was Kim Vilfort who suffered a personal tragedy. His daughter battled leukemia and was hospitalized. Kim had to leave the concentration in Sweden to support his treatment.

After the title, unfortunately, his daughter Line, lost her life. The player, since then, joined institutions that support the treatment of children with cancer in Denmark.

Despite the coincidences, (we cannot forget that the surname Schmeichel stays in goal with Kasper, son of Peter) the Danes collided with an opponent with whom they did not have a good record in the tournament, and that is two games against Czech Republic, they had two losses on record.

The most recent, until this Saturday, was in 2004, when they collided in the quarterfinals. Then the Czechs, commanded by Milan Baros, they won 3-0. Now, the story was different and the Danes won 1-2 to be the third semi-finalist of the tournament.