Courtois Opens The Madrid Dressing Room

Thibaut Courtois (29 years old) gave an interview to the French medium Telefoot where, apart from reviewing his season with Real Madrid, was subjected to a fun test with which you can learn a little more about the interiors of a team like Real Madrid and the components that make it up, as well as their tastes and hobbies.

The first question that opens the questionnaire is to know which player is the most technical for the Belgian goalkeeper. The answer is surprising: “For me it is Marcelo. Technically it is very strong. But there are also others, Toni (Kroos), Luka Modric, Eden … “, The questionnaire took other directions:” The best dressed? I think Asensio dresses well. Ramos has his style. I think that for people who work in the fashion industry it has a good style. It may not be what I wear, but it often comes well dressed. Mariano and Carvajal also dress well ”.

Precisely, the Madrid side is the protagonist of another question. In this case, it shows your character. Asked by the players who get the most angry in training games, Thibaut has no doubts: “There are three: Modric, Nacho and Carvajal. When we play those little games, we take the picture of the winners. We called them Vinegars because they are there half angry. They really don’t like to lose. ” In contrast, Courtois reveals who are the funniest: “Jokes and piques in the locker room? Marcelo likes to make jokes, so does Ramos. I think that in the end we are a locker room where little ones pass spades, when we do the rounds and all that, so it’s great. “

Courtois data for this season.

Also explained who are in charge of putting music in the locker room: “Right now we can’t all be together, so it’s a bit difficult. But if not, it’s always Marcelo or Sergio Ramos who plays the music. When it’s Ramos it’s more Spanish music, reggaeton, etc. And Marcelo sometimes likes to put on classics, R&B, hip hop… so it’s a bit different. It’s good that we have a mix of both ”.

Real Madrid Shield / Flag

The goal He ended up explaining one of the current vices: the use of the mobile phone inside the booth: “I am one of those who use it the most, I admit it. Modric also uses his phone a lot in the locker room. Young people today are very much on our phones. If you go to the locker room after the game or after training and you look: there are 20 players like that … I don’t think it’s good, but it’s a bit the current times ”.