Hard Testimony From A Judge Who Walked Away From Basketball Due To Harassment

Bianca tedesco is a judge of basketball who published a letter on his social networks that had a great impact on the world of orange: He announced his departure from the activity because he could no longer bear situations of sexual harassment and harassment. The woman, who led the Federal tournament and the Argentine League, announced that together with two lawyers she has prosecuted the situation in search of Justice, but did not give names of the people who would have bothered her.

“It makes my skin crawl remembering experiences, messages, audios, situations of sexual harassment that I naturalized believing ‘it’s okay for this to happen’ or ‘if I want to continue directing I’m going to have to put up with it, there’s no other choice’. Actually, there was another, but it was too painful the option of recognizing what he had lived and learning from it in order to communicate it “, wrote.

“If I speak today it is because I can’t take it anymore. Because my mental health went through states that are not directly proportional to the demands of my job, but with the harassment and sexual harassment that I received in a purely macho and unfair for those of us who just wanted to work and do it well, “he said.

Bianca Tedesco, the basketball judge who walked away for sexual harassment.

“My chest hurts, almost like when the lack of love appeared in my life and energetically burst that new sensation as unpleasant as nostalgic, for the first time,” he said.

“It is unfair to me that it is this way because, although it is something that is thought, it is not what I wanted. Once again, the system prompted me to make a decision but, fortunately, this time it is based on my ideals. And, yes, I can say that it leaves me calm, but that it breaks my heart “, wrote.

“They robbed me of my desire, they appropriated my dreams when I slept, they also woke me up from the tortuous reality that I was a part of for almost 13 years. I was planning a retirement near my 50s, at least. But for that, it was a sine qua non condition to continue silenced, subdued, turned off and living for others, “Tedesco said.

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Later, in dialogue with AAD, Tedesco explained: “I received sexual harassment from a man who is a referee for the National League, and who also occupies positions of power.”

Bianca Tedesco, the basketball judge who walked away for sexual harassment.

“I thank the universe for having the opportunity to express what they made me feel even though, at this precise moment, I cannot stop the drop that overflowed my tear, which has begun its journey towards my jaw,” said Bianca.

“I was scared (a lot) for being exposed to being the quilombera, the tormentor, the whore, the resentful cake. Also for being left without my greatest source of income but, above all, for abandoning the ship. The passion that He maintained from the moment when, when I was only seven years old, I entered a game rectangle and I never wanted to go out. Even now I don’t want to, but I have no other option, “he confessed.

Confederation reaction

The Argentine Basketball Confederation released a statement after Tedesco’s public complaint. The suspension of a defendant was reported, although the identity was not revealed.

The text is this: “The Confederation informs that it urgently activated its internal protocol after the accusation of the arbitrator Bianca Tedesco and immediately suspended the accused, without ceasing to guarantee his right to defense.”

Bianca Tedesco, the basketball judge who walked away for sexual harassment.

“Having been notified by the Secretariat of Sports of the Nation of the existence of a criminal complaint for sexual harassment in the Argentine arbitration (made by Judge Bianca Tedesco, in Justice and publicly), the Argentine Confederation urgently put into operation its protocol against gender violence and, guaranteeing the right of defense of the person denounced – not yet prosecuted -, immediately ordered the provisional suspension of the denounced in the exercise of his functions in the field of the CAB and our basketball. The federations that are members of the entity were informed.

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“With this decision, it is sought to effectively and urgently protect the victim of the reported gender violence.”