Tuca Ferretti, Dealing With More Bullies Than Braves

THE ANGELS — Ricardo Ferretti He must be the bravest among the Braves of Ciudad Juárez. “Bravo”, here, understood as irate, hysterical, irascible. There is no jauja outside of Zuazua.

Juarez it is sunk in the Leaderboard. It is not penultimate, because ironies, with two points, has four goals in favor, two more than the paralyzed Puebla, and three more than the shipwrecked Pumas, and because of course, deep down, the Xolos are a disgrace with only one point.

Juarez suffers from all the ills that enervate the Tuca ferretti. Game control and defensive strength.

1.- It was the team with the worst ball possession in the tournament (41 percent) until matchday three, although before Tijuana and their Xoloitzcuintles chimuelos, if he had a dominant 70 percent possession, although he barely rescued a tie to one goal, without taking advantage of the fact that his rival played with a man less from minute 63.

2.- Braves of Juarez it is the most punished team in the tournament: eight goals against. With seven received, Necaxa appears and, of course, Xolos.

Teams Ferretti They have a barcode: control and security in the background. Today, Tuca it suffers from that tranquility with the Juarenses. And before Tijuana survived after the expulsion of the Uruguayan Yonatthan rak, who was valued at $ 250,000 and in some peculiar way, the Xolos they paid more than 500 thousand for his letter.

What are these for Braves of Juarez to the aspirations of Ricardo Ferretti? The same technician, in his presentation, promised to avoid that his board of directors had to pay the fine again for being among the last of the quotients, and hence approaching the Repechage.

“I come with great affection and enthusiasm, and I intend, through work, honesty, to achieve these results, this hope that they place in me so that I can lead this team to where we all intend,” said Ferretti at his baptism as a Juarense coach .

So far, the numbers do not support their claims. Offensively, two of his reinforcements have responded: the Uruguayan Gabriel Fernandez has three goals in three games, while the Colombian Fabian Castillo he is the dominant player in the league in dribbling, next to his countryman Aviles Hurtado, but its flourishes do not germinate on the scoreboard.

In view of Xolos, on the weekend, the archer Hugo Gonzalez put the team against the canvas. A wrong center of Luca rodriguez It becomes a successful shot that hits the Juarense goalkeeper, who just watches, quietly, the trip of the ball.

With a modest staff, Ferretti can only work to give packaging, solidity, to players who would hardly be starters in other squads, from the same goalkeeper Gonzalez, even the same CastleHe is a player with great abilities, but with many personal complications inside and outside the locker room.

In the group’s desperation, short-lived aspiring heroes appear who end up blowing up the group. the same Tuca has been clear when pointing out that there are individual impulses to save the result, but consistency as a team is lost.

“(We need) to look for a more collective game and not that every time someone catches the ball they want to define the game as being the savior of it. The player who grabs the ball wants to make the big play, to score the goal of the year, but because of this desire, instead of doing more, we do more ”, he emphasized.

It is clear that he has more players thinking of being bullies than of being Braves of Juarez as a collective commitment.

The daily work, the passing of the weeks, the adjustment of lines, working without media pressure, will allow the Tuca be molding those rebellious temperaments, who think more about saving their lives, than keeping the ship afloat. A few screams, it will put them in the waist.

At the end of Guard1anes 2021, Juarez paid 33 million Mexican pesos as a fine for being the third to last in the quotient table. The original payment was supposed to be 50 million pesos, but it was lowered, as a supposedly pious act of the League Mx, although the one who promoted the discount was the owner (Alejandro Irarragorri) of the team that finished penultimate in the table (Atlas).

In this new adventure of Alejandra de la Vega placeholder image As the owner of a professional soccer franchise in Mexico, she has tried to fulfill the requests of Ricardo Ferretti, the most recent of them, the incorporation of Rafa River Bridge, as a technical assistant.

The versions assure that, in December, The Tuca I would be stepping aside and leaving in the hands of Rafa Bridge the management of the team, in common agreement with the board, in a transition that would be beneficial, apparently, for all.

Rafa Bridge was a crude critic of Ferretti during his role as an analyst and now shares a project, which, according to the sports director Miguel Angel Garza, implies a flammable but challenging mix for the future of Juarez.

“They are two people with different ideas. It is quite a strong combination between these two personalities. I think managers and fans should feel lucky to have these two monsters working together, “he said. Heron at the time to the media.

Surely, Machiavelli organized the calendar of Ferretti and his former team, because he will visit Tigres until the last date of the tournament, getting into that Volcano, where there are many who still miss him, especially, before the terrible step of the felines with Miguel Herrera, who add up to five points out of 12 possible.