Squid Game – Even harder than Battle Royale? Netflix Rehearsing Deadly Game!

To this day, Suzanne Collins never claims anything from Battle Royale – Only one can survive heard, seen or read while she was about to breathe life into her cult figure Katniss Everdeen.

The writer of the millionaire bestseller The Hunger Games – The Hunger Games, in which a young woman confronts the morbid laws of society, had to put up with the accusation from the start that she was “inspired” by the Japanese classic, possibly even stolen from it.

But maybe it is really just a very big coincidence that there is a murderous one in both templatesthe focus is on the “game” in which everyone competes against everyone else.

The same question is now being asked of director Dong-hyuk Hwang for his upcoming Korean miniseries Squid Game also strongly reminiscent of the 2000 implemented Battle Royale, but at first glance does not seem to want to make any secret or secret of it.

Let the games begin – soon on Netflix!

The production, which will appear exclusively on Netflix on September 17th, is based on a mysterious invitation to participate in a game. Only people who are in an emergency in their life and who urgently need money to finance their existence are chosen.

As many as 456 participants from all walks of life will be locked in a secret location where they will play games for a prize pool of 45.6 billion won. The tasks are traditional Korean children’s games.

Actually no problem, one might think. But then the catch comes in game: Who loses, dies! What and especially who is behind this sick idea?

Anyone who breaks the rules will find an end quickly. © Netflix

From next week that will be found out in a total of eight episodes in which actors like Daniel C Kennedy (Space Sweepers), John D. Michaels (Stove League), Wi Ha-Joon (Shark: The Beginning), Yoo-Mi Lee (Young Adult Matters), Gong Yoo (Train to Busan) and many more have to fight for their survival.

The official trailer is very close with its 40 seconds run length. However, this brief insight is enough to make it clear that it is Squid Game in terms of toughness and uncompromising attitude with the long-indexed one Battle Royale could accommodate.

It remains to be seen, however, whether the model can also hold a candle to the quality in terms of quality. Dong-hyuk Hwang has so far only been responsible for comedies, dramas and period films, but has already shown that he has the necessary versatility for nerve-wracking psychological games with a socially critical character. So the chances are not bad that we will be using Squid Game the next series highlight from Korea is coming!


Posted on 09/08/2021 by Carmine Carpenito

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